Arizona State University, well-known also as ASU, is a national space – grant institution located in Tempre, Arizona. It is the largest public university in USA by enrollment. It was found in 1885 as the Tempre Normal School for the Arizona Territory, the school came under control of Arizona Board of Regents in 1945. It was also renamed Arizona State College. A 1958 statewide ballot measure gave the university its present name. In 1994 it was classified as a Research I institute; thus, making ASU one of the newest major research universities – public or private, in the nation. Arizona’s state mission to create a model of New American University whose efficacy is measured by those it includes and how they succeed, not by those it excludes. ASU awards, as most universities in all over the world, master’s, doctorate and bachelor’s degrees. It is broadly organized into sixteen colleges and schools which are spread across four campuses. They are the original Tempre campus, the Polytechnic campus in eastern Mesa, the Downtown Phoenix campus and finally – the West campus in northwest Phoenix. They are all accredited as a single institution by the Higher Learning Commission. It is certainly one of the best American universities.

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Under the leadership of Lattie. F. Coor, from 1990 to June 2002 ASU grew through the creation of the Polytechnic campus and also of extended education sites. His commitment to diversity, quality in undergraduate education, economic development and research underscored the university’s significant gains in each of these areas over his 12-year tenure. Through private donations, more than 500 million dollars were invested in targeted areas that would significantly impact the feature of the university. On 1 July 2002 Michael Crow became the university’s 16th president. He outlined his vision for transforming the university into a new American university – one that would be open and inclusive with a goal set for the university to meet AAU and to become a member of it. The full name of this organization is Association of American Universities. Furthermore he initiated the idea of transforming the university into One University in Many Places by merging its several campuses into a single institution, sharing staff, accreditation, students and faculty. Aided by hundreds of millions of dollars ASU embarked on an aggressive years –long research facility capital building effort, resulting in the establishment of the Biodesign Institute and several large interdisciplinary research buildings. The original campus is located in Tempre, Arizona about eight miles which is equal to 13 km east of downtown Phoenix. It is the first building constructed and still stands today. The rest three campuses are located accordingly in a suburban are of northwest Phoenix – West campus, Downtown Phoenix Campus is established in 2006 on the north side of Downtown Phoenix, and regard to the last one – Polytechnic campus. It is located in southeast Mesa. It sits on the former Williams Air Force Base.