Boston university online has more than 3800 faculty members and 33 000 students. It is also one of the Boston’s largest employers. The university offers all the main types of degrees – bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. Furthermore students can choose from such degrees as business, law, medical, dental and others through eighteen schools and colleges on two urban campuses. Along the Charle’s River in Boston’s Fenway – Kenmore and Alston neighborhoods is situated the main campus. The university counts seven Noble Laureates including Martin Luther King and Elie Weisel. This educational institution traces its roots to the establishment of the Newbury Biblical Institute in 1839. It was also chartered with the name Boston University in 1869 by the Massachusetts Legislature. The Institute was invited to relocate to Concord and offered a disused Congregational church building with a capacity of 1200 people by the Congregational Society in 1847. School President Lemuel Murlin arranged that the school buy the present campus along the Charles River seeking to unify a geographically scattered school and enable it to participate in the development of the city. Harold Case became the school’s fifth President in 1951. Under his direction the character of the campus changed significantly as he sought to change the school into a national research university.

Boston university online

The housing system of Boston university online is the nation’s 10th largest among four – year colleges. The university was originally a computer school but it now guarantees the option of on – campus housing for 4 years for undergraduate students. Now 76 percents of the undergraduate population lives on campus. The university requires that all the students who live in dormitories be enrolled in a year –long meal plan with several contributions of both dining points and meals which can be used as cash in on – campus facilities. Boston university online has long enjoyed the cultural offerings of neighborhoods Brookline, Allston and Fenway – Kenmore. In the last one area are the Museum of Fine Arts, the nightlife of Lansdowne Street and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Beyond the southern border of the campus in Brookline independent and foreign films at Coolidge Corner Theatre are offered by Harvard Avenue. Boston University had a rather restrictive visitor policy prior to September 2007 which limited the ability of students from different dormitories to visit each other at night. When a new policy approved by Brown took effect this changed. The University Professor Program was an interdisciplinary program. It allowed students to pursue a broad range of academic interests. Core Curriculum is another special program that offers an intensive great books program for any incoming freshmen who choose to participate. The Community Service Center of the university is almost entirely student – run. Each semester, the Center runs thirteen volunteer programs related to issues of local, global or national concern including children, elders, disabilities, hunger, affordable housing, human rights, the environment and others. It also runs two immensely popular one – week programs. The CSC boasts the most student involvement of any campus or organization.