Each Master of Education degree in Concordia University online offers a stimulating, easily accessible and career-focused curriculum. All the classes are led by teachers and instructors in the field, using the leading-edge theory and user-friendly learning online tools to help you get the most out of your course experience. You will be part of a dynamic learning environment that both requires and provides close interaction with your peers and professors throughout the program as an M. Ed. Student. Both your cohort and community online are there to support and enhance your learning as you pursue your Master of Education degree, and learning online resources of the university offer the flexibility to fit your schedule. The university offers its one-year master’s programs in a cutting-edge learning online environment. Program graduates can enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of their choice and make a bigger impact in their school environments and classrooms. Instruction and curriculum features nineteen different concentrations and is appropriate for all the teachers who want to specialize in specific field. Students with this program learn to apply research theory and best practices in their classroom. Graduates will be able to modify instructional plans to accommodate diverse classrooms and promote alternative strategies and goals.

Concordia University online

Concordia University online provides personalized teaching online and learning with the same passion and commitment to excellence that has marked its one hundred-year history in quality Christian education on the campus of the Concordia. Distance learning courses offered in this educational institution are rich in learner-to-learner interactivity through multi-pathway, multimodal learning activities that are directly applicable to your classroom or workplace. Furthermore they are accessed through the University Online Learning Center. The university balances its online learning courses and offer students maximal flexibility in terms of coursework completion while maintaining the rigor and such a relevance that characterize a quality academic experience. To manage your busy life and your desire to develop your career, E-learning is the perfect solution. Online Learning Center of the Concordia University online connects you to your peers and professors through message boards and threads that allow you to work on challenging topics and go more in-depth than would be possible in a traditional classroom. As university realizes that not everyone’s a computer whiz, E-learning does not require you to be. It actually often makes the learning process much easier. You have the freedom to work from your own home at the time of night or day that best suits you. Students stay with the same learning group for much of the online program to provide you with a consistent high-quality educational experience. You will get to know the members of your group while exploring discussion topics in each of your courses at Concordia University. It provides a number of helpful tools to prepare your journey into learning online and aid in your online experience in earning your degree. It is important that you prepare for online learning in a similar way you would prepare for your first day in a traditional school.