Darton State College is an educational institution that provides online studying. It is a four – year state college unit of the University System of Georgia. The college is located in Albany, Dougherty Country, Georgia, US. Furthermore the college has eighty – four two – year transfer and career associate degrees and also forty – nine certificate programs. In 1963 the institution was founded as Albany Junior College and in 1966 offered its first classes. The name Darton College was chosen 21 years later by the staff, students and community members. Darton is a word that origins form old English and probably means “town by the river” Dearne. It refers to Albany’s location on the Flint River. The 186 acre campus on Albany’s western edge includes such things as library, fitness center, computer labs and sports facilities such as indoor swimming, tennis and racquetball courts. Furthermore there is a theater with capacity of 470 seats. The college enrolls more than half of the area’s high school graduates and almost 45 % of the students are from the Dougherty Country. Also about 57 % of the students are under age 24. Full –time enrollment is approximately 47 %. About 100 of the students are from other countries.

Darton college online

President Sireno started that Darton College online has seen a 90.5 % enrollment increase over all the past decade in August 2013. The institution offers forty – five certificate programs and 84 two – year transfer and career associate degrees. The college offers thirty – nine fully online degrees, ten partially online degrees and thirteen fully online certificate programs to increase access to a college education. Furthermore in the college are offered ninety – six individual distance learning courses over the Internet, through local channel 19 telecasts, GVNS video conferencing and much more. The sites off the main campus as Cordele, Colquitt, Columbus, Valdosta and others also offer individual distance learning courses. The college has a strong presence in state distance learning initiatives and its core curriculum courses in many programs are available online. Nursing Division is one of the most popular programs offered in the college. It provides education for a lot of southwest Georgia’s nurses including 70 percents of all Registered Nurses in hospitals of Albany and thirty percents of all in 38 southwest countries of Georgia. Darton College online awarded 2259 nursing degrees, as of spring of 2005. There were 177 graduates from the nursing program and 25 faculty members in 2009. All the students who complete the five – semester nursing program earn an Associate of Science and Nursing degree. They are eligible to take licensure exams. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved Darton’s change to State college status in May 2011 so that a four – year program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing could be developed. Darton College online is a leader in the use of educational technology. Extracurricular activities include such groups as the Cultural Exchange Club, Darton Association of Nursing students as well as league tournament athletics, honor societies and community service associations.