Drexel University online is a top-ranked private university that is universally recognized as a burgeoning center of innovative academic excellence and a premier example of the transformative power of a modern urban university. This educational institution was founded in Philadelphia in 1891. Since 1996 the university offers courses online, bringing its recognized faculty and curricula to a worldwide student body. In our days Drexel University offers over 100 degree programs online and online certificates for adults. The renowned partnership program that is available in the university additionally offers discounted tuition to employees of selected partner organizations. It prepares highly-educated expert workforce for tomorrow’s most pressing challenges. The institution is committed to providing quality education online opportunities by offering a convenient way to earn a reputable and accredited degree with no career interruption or fixed class hours, consistently ranked among the world’s best universities and winning the 2010 Sloan-C award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education. Programs online in this university are truly among the nation’s elite ranked by US News and World Report among the Best Online Graduate Programs in such fields as business administration, library science and engineering. It is one of the best online universities in our days.

Drexel University online

Drexel University online is certainly one of the best educational institutions in the United States. Online courses are available in the university since 1996. It offers a wide variety of career opportunities and some of them include Digital Marketing Specialist, Marketing Research Specialist and more. All the specialists in the field of digital marketing play a key role in executing the recruitment strategy for all Drexel online portfolios. She or he will work both independently and cross-functionally with the Strategic Marketing Managers and Media Manager on media execution and evaluation. These specialists are responsible for all the aspects of media buying, including contract negotiation, creative deadlines, media research and ad trafficking. The position is a great learning experience for the specialists who are going to work in a team, dynamic environment in a rewarding industry with the ability to test a variety of cutting-edge media. The Marketing Specialist will support the Strategic Marketing Managers in setting the program management and recruitment strategy for their assigned portfolios. He or she will work with the Strategic Marketing Managers, Media and Market research team, Creative Services team on strategy execution and evaluation both independently and cross-functionally. Another career opportunity is Marketing Traffic Coordinator. Specialists will implement marketing to support Drexel University Online partnership program. The selected candidate will help to cultivate partners in healthcare, corporate and education markets through innovative marketing. This individual will work closely with the Business Development Team to provide resources and materials to support both outreach and rep activity. Of course, these are only a few of the opportunity career options offered by Drexel University online. It offers a professional preparation to all the students thanks to it they can receive knowledge and skills helpful for their career realization.