Herzing University online is a for – profit career –focused institution of higher education. It awards associate’s degrees, bachelor’s and master’s degree in a variety of disciplines. The university was founded in 1965 as a computer programming school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Suzanne and Henry Herzing. The name was changed to Herzing Institute in 1970 and then the organization began to grow through the acquisition of other schools. In 1996 the name of the school was changed back – this time to Herzing College and the institution has grown to include campuses in eight US states plus an online division. With the addition of graduate programs in 2009 the name was changed to Herzing University for all schools in the United States. The university’s parent company Herzing Inc also operates four campuses in Canada under the Herzing College name. It also diversified its educational programs to include the fields of technology, business, design, health care and public safety while expands its campuses. All US campus locations award both bachelor of science degrees and associate of science degrees. Herzing University Online offers Master’s degrees. However, not all the campuses offer all the programs. The educational institution is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

Herzing university online

The number of the campuses that now has Herzing University Online is 11. Herzing College has four campuses in Canada. The campuses of the university are located in Akron Ohio formerly known as the Akron Institute of Herzing University and it is established in 1970, Atlanta, Geogia, founded in 1949 as Massey Junior College that became part of Herzing in 1979. The rest nine campuses are located in Birmingham, Brookfield, Kenosha, Madison, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Omaha, Orlando and Toledo. The campus of Birmingham, Alabama was founded as Electronic Computer Programming Institute in 1965 and three years later was acquired by Herzing. This in Brookfield, Wisconsin was founded in 2010. The campus in Kenosha opens for the first time in 2009, and this in Madison was founded as Wisconsin School of Electronics in 1948. The school merged with Herzing institute in 1970. The campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota was created by the incorporation of two colleges and was established in 1961. In 2000 it became part of Herzing University. Everyone who wants to study in Herzing University online must know that earning of the degrees is possible from the comfort of home. In case you miss some classes you can log into your virtual classroom when it’s convenient for you. The same personalized attention and career – focused education offer in the traditional classroom will be received and online. The university works closely with industry leaders and employers to ensure its college degree and diploma programs that leads to long – term career success. The online programs that are offered by the university include such things as personalization, flexibility and all the support you need to succeed in today’s ever changing job market. There are over 50 programs from which students can earn graduate, undergraduate and associate degrees and diplomas.