Plenty of free courses are available online for all the students who want to learn a new topic but these free options do not lead generally to college credit. Students who want to earn college or university credit might want to look for online options charging a small fee in exchange for access to online lessons. These fee-based courses are designed to help students earn alternative forms of college or university credit. Many educational portals offer this style of distance learning with engaging and quick video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. Furthermore all the students can find free transcripts for the video lessons. Both the video lessons and transcripts can lead to college credit. Students can find a number of courses through Education Portals’ extensive resources online. Some of the numerous courses may include Business, American literature, Anatomy and Psychology, Math and much more. All the students who are intending to use the free university resources can go to the links that offer list of online universities. On it they can find list of courses available and download or view the available content. The courses are self-paced and students don’t have to register or pay tuition although they do not offer access to instructors or award credits.

List of online universities

Many students use Internet in order to find list of online universities. That’s why they can serve in some of the numerous educational portals that are available online. Carnegie Mellon University is one of the most popular of these universities. It offers free courses online in the languages, sciences, engineering and social sciences. The course details list specifies required software or other materials. Courses include audio and text, along with targeted feedback so that students may check their understanding of the material as they work through the classes. Users may both configure and test their systems before attempting courses by accessing the available link. The courses at Open University often present materials through text, audio, video or image. Learners choose form topics including the business, arts, computing, engineering, health and much more. Students may access these courses online print them out or download them. Utah State University at USU OpenCourseWare offers courses that may implement text, audio, image or video. Students may need to locate some of the sources that are noted on reading lists while some of the sources have available links. A large number of departments offer such kind of courses that vary from anthropology to wild land resources. A variety of landscaping courses in addition are available through the university extension department. Yale University at Open Yale is also included in list of online universities. Courses recorded in classrooms of the university are available in text transcripts as well as audio and video. Each of the courses includes a full set of lectures. Learners choose form courses on topics like chemistry, literature, geology and much more. All the lists of universities online may help a lot to all the students who have some hesitations when they have to choose where to receive their higher education.