One of the best online universities Canada is Athabasca University. It is Canada’s Open University and is dedicated to the removal of barriers that restrict access to and success in university –level study and to increasing equality of educational opportunity for adult learner worldwide. The approach to post – secondary education is based on four main principles. They are flexibility, innovation, excellence and openness. The university is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in teaching, scholarship and student service and research. All the servants, who work in the university, are committed to the mission of guaranteeing access to post – secondary learning to all who have the ability and desire. In case you are sixteen or older you are eligible for admission to undergraduate study. Another online university in Canada that offers very high quality of education is Ottawa University. This is an educational institution with 149 years heritage of educating adults and students of traditional ages for lifetimes of faith, leadership, significance and service. Since the university was founded in 1865 it has grown to an institution that serves over 5000 students in our days through the residential campus in Ottawa and also campuses in Phoenix, Kansas city and other areas.

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University Canada West is another online university Canada that offers graduate students the MBA program. It challenges students to build competencies in critical thinking, system analysis, change management, leadership and others. Emphasis is placed on practical application of theories presented giving students real – world examples and case studies from a large variety of industries both in Canada and abroad. The faculty of the university is selected for their teaching excellence, their ability to develop warm relationships with the students and their knowledge of the real world application of their expertise. The degrees that students earn from the university are recognized by the Degree Quality Assurance Board of the Province of British Columbia. Students go on to complete advanced degrees at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. UNB online is another online Canada University that also as all the rest gives qualitative higher education. The selection of the courses that university makes crosses a wild range of topics. Open – entry courses for example are flexible and allow you to make progress through the courses at your own pace. In case you are an undergraduate students and missing some courses then you can enroll in Open – entry online courses during the summer months to catch up or finish your program. Canada is a big country and this is one of the main reasons to offer a wild variety of education. Each online university Canada offers enough choice to the students in case they decide to enroll in some of them. There are many other universities – for example Kaplan University which is also very good choice for your higher education. All the universities and colleges which are educational institutions prepare students for professional career and give them the necessary skills and knowledge.