All the servants in Penn state online believe that knowledge empowers people to do great things in this world. You shouldn’t have to put your life on hold to gain that knowledge. The idea of distance learning is not a new concept for this university. Pen State courses at a distance have been offering for more than one century. In 1892 Penn State founded one of the nation’s first correspondence courses. Also the university was one of the first major accredited educational institutions to provide online education in 1998. At Penn State World Campus the mission is making sure you have access to a quality academic experience even in case you have family obligations to fulfill or job. If you can’t come to one of the brick – and – mortar campuses the campuses will come to you. All the online courses are the same academically challenging courses taught on campus. Yet the courses online are flexible; the asynchronous format allows you to learn at your convenience without stepping onto a campus. And finally but not less more important, the earned degrees or certificates as a World Campus Student is identical to the one awarded to all of the Penn State graduates on campus.

Penn state online

When World Campus opened for the first time in 1998, both taking university courses online and earning a degree were still relatively new concepts. In our days things are completely different. That’s why you can earn degree online from countless sources. Penn State World Campus is the online campus of this popular university which is also called Penn State online. Grounded in a tradition of quality since 1855, a degree from this educational institution means something. The university is nationally recognized institution. Student services in the university are helpful for all the students. As the decision to return to school is a major one, all the personal will do their best for support of the students along the way. The university can help you in many things such as walk you through the course application process that includes identifying the required supporting documentation. Financial aid and prepare for learning in an online environment are just a small part of the offered services. By using the University systems you can access both assignments and course syllabi. Further more you can make tuition payments, interact with professors or get your books and software through the online bookstore. Other things that are definitely useful for the students are taking advantage of resources for online students and links with communities and special services. The last can be for international students and alumni, students with disabilities etc. Since 1892 students in Penn State online have been able to complete a Penn State education without travelling to a physical campus. Options of distance educations have been evolved over the years to include technology – enhanced learning experiences. Students in this university have the opportunity to experience courses that are created using technology to support learning outcomes and designed around best practices in online delivery.