University of Liverpool is founded in 1881 as a university college. It is a research and teaching university based in the city of Liverpool, England. Furthermore this university is one of the six original “red brick” civic universities. It comprises three faculties which are organized in total 35 schools and departments. The educational institution has an enviable international reputation for innovative research and academic excellence. It has produced Eight Noble Prize winners and offers more than 230 first degree courses across 103 subjects. In our days the university offers online education but before that it was founded as a university college, admitting its first students in 1882. Two years later it became part of the federal Victoria University The professor at the University Oliver Lodge made the world’s first public radio transmission in 1894 and in 1896 took the first surgical X – ray in the UK. University of Liverpool online is mainly based around a single urban campus approximately 5 minutes walk from Liverpool City Center at the top of Brownlow Hill and Mount Pleasant. It contains 192 non – residential buildings that house total 114 teaching areas, 69 lecture theatres and state – of – the – art research facilities.

University of liverpool online

The University of Liverpool online was voted join seventeenth greenest university in Britain by WWF supported company Green Large in 2008. Point allocation in departments such as Waste Management, sustainable procurement, Transport and Emissions amongst other categories determine the position of this university. Liverpool was awarded the highest achievement possible in Environmental staff and policy, Ethical investment policy, Fair Trade status and others. The university was the first among UK universities to develop their desktop computer power management solution which has been widely adopted by other institutions. Also the university was subsequently piloted other advanced software approaches further increasing savings. It has the sixth largest financial endowment of any university in United Kingdom. It is ranked in the top one percent of the universities worldwide according to Academic ranking of world universities which makes it a top one hundred university globally. Another typical feature of the university of Liverpool is that it is a pre – eminent research – based university with 27 000 students which pursue over 400 programmers spanning fifty – four subject areas. The University of Liverpool School of Medicine is in our days one of the largest medical shops in the UK. It was established in 1835. The university furthermore has a broad range of teaching and research in both science and arts. Sir Howard Newby took up the post of Vice – chancellor of the university in September 2008, following the retirement of Sir Drummond Bone. Teaching departments of the university have been divided into three faculties which are Health and Life Science, Humanities and Social science and Science and Engineering since 2009. Each of the faculties is headed by an Exclusive Pro – Vice – Chancellor who brings the responsibility for all schools in the faculty.