The accreditation is very important because it helps distinguish legitimate programs from ones that in the worst – case scenario are fly – by – night operations that sell you a meaningless diploma. There are several ways to find out whether your school is accredited or no and if it is still a program worth pursuing. Checking a school’s credential is more important than ever. There’s unfortunately been a rise in diploma mills as well within the rise in those online education opportunities that provide more and more people with access to higher education. These institutions literally sell you a diploma, certificate or degree and offer the allure of a quick easy degree in a matter of days or weeks. They offer no real education rendering the degree you receive completely worthless and that is a problem. Some claim that you can earn such a degree that is based solely on life experience. There are ones that as the Higher Education Opportunity Act notes lack accreditation by a recognized accrediting agency in addition. In most cases these are the most deceptive diploma mills as they can convincingly pose as legitimate schools to trick prospective students. Any certificate or degree you receive from a degree mill will not be recognized by other employers or accredited online schools no matter the scenario.

Accredited online schools

Accreditation is important not only for online schools but also for brick – and – mortar educational institutions. Thanks to the Internet finding out of accredited online schools takes as just takes a few clicks of the mouse. The website of the school is the most obvious place to look first. Any reputable school will have such an area that discusses its credentials and including the agency it’s accredited by and when it was accredited for last time. Good schools usually are not going to hide this information so that should raise a red flag if you cannot find it. If a school claims to be accredited but does not reveal who did the actual accrediting that is another warning sign. Even in cases when it’s clear that online accredited schools tell you they have accreditation it’s never safe to assume that is the case – the school could simply be lying. It is recommendable to find out for sure confirming a school’s credentials against the website of the accrediting agency the school is citing as well as using the US Department of Education’s database of accredited institutions where you can search for accreditation information by imputing the name of the school or the name of the accrediting agency. Consulting the Better Business Bureau and your state attorney general’s office to make the sure the school is operating legally in case you still have doubts about the credibility of the institution. Finally once you determine that the school is accredited it’s important to check that the agency itself is also legitimate and not an accreditation mill or simply made up. All the accredited online schools offer much better education than those that have no accreditation.