Anthem Education group or anthem college is an organization based in Florida. It operates a chain of for – profit, private technical schools in the United States. The company operated thirty –four campuses in various states and also one institution online as of November 2013. The first name of the organization was the Chubb Institute and was founded in 1970. It is the employee training arm of the Chubb Corporation – an insurance company. Before adding of training in medical fields, its initial focus was on computer – related training. Chubb Corporation put the school for sale in 2004, facing both financial losses and lawsuits and eventually sold it for 1 $ to a partnership of private equity firm Great Hill Partners and the High – Tech Institute. That is a network of similar technical schools that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The corporation recognized a 31 million dollars loss from the sale. At first the new owners struggled to rescue the chain. They invested millions and renamed several of the proper performing schools facing a loss of nine million dollars in 2005. The location in Arlington, Virginia had been christened Banner College and the location in Chicago had been renamed to Banner Institute in January 2006.


Anthem college online

Anthem college online is part of the Anthem Education group. In January 2006 the new owners of the company invested millions of dollars and renamed the location in Chicago to Banner Institute and the location in Arlington, Virginia was christened Banner College. In 2007, however, the Washington post reported that the chain was still struggling with lawsuits and challenges to accreditation. After ten years operation in Arlington, Virginia, the Banner College was closed in August 2008. The colleges from the chain were being operated by the Anthem Education group. It is a company which owner is Great Hills Partners. The group was based in Phoenix at that time and operated twenty – three accredited colleges. The company changed hands again in 2012, coming under the ownership of the Education Training Corporation in Florida. The merger expanded the educational areas offered by AEG. The group operated eight brands as of November 2013. Some of them are Anthem College – Bryan School, Anthem Career College, FCC Anthem College, Morrison University and others. The company at that time operated 34 campuses and one online institution – Anthem College online. The group of 34 campuses is dedicated to providing high – quality career education. It prepares graduates for the real – life job market and also helps them in finding an employment. The courses of study are created to meet the needs of real companies. The staff works proactively with business to learn what kind of skills they are looking for and how it can provide the qualified employees they need. Services of the school are structured to help students achieve all their career goals. Anthem College online and all the other campuses offer flexible class schedules to accommodate both the work and personal responsibilities. Some of the programs have online components and others are available entirely online.