In American restaurants deserts once tended to be staples like key lime pie and crepe suzettes, but as Washington Post in 2004 reported of retiring White House pastry chef Roland Mesnier, that has changed dramatically. In our days thanks to the accomplishments of high-profile chefs like Mesnier, deserts – and their pastry chef and baker creators – are respected and sought-after professionals with healthy career prospects. The Department of Labor reports that more than a third of the bakers have taken college level courses and nearly a third of the chefs hold an associate degree, while apprenticeships and workplace experience are of primary importance in entering and advancing the field. This is how obtaining these credentials could make you more competitive for jobs. Hundreds of postsecondary programs around the country have been certified by the American Culinary Institution and graduating from one of these backing and pastry online colleges demonstrates a mastery of cooking and backing techniques. Hands-on training in a kitchen is important in any culinary arts field, but online backing and pastry colleges are available that can provide web-based instruction – an ACF-certified online introduction to Backing course, for example, covers everything from basic cakes to mixing methods for lean breads.

Backing and pastry online colleges

Related backing and pastry online colleges can be found in such fields that are focused on catering and cooking, gourmet cooking, hotel and restaurant management and much more. All sorts of restaurants are in need of pastry chefs, and hotel restaurants are an especially excellent place for pastry chefs to find jobs, with a 2011 hotel restaurant jobs growth rate of 5.7 percent predicted by the American Restaurant Association. There are backing and pastry jobs, however, to be found in every kind of location. Tourism hotspots in Nevada and Hawaii have high concentrations of chef jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics while Idaho, Virginia and North Carolina are predicted by the ARA to have the highest restaurant sales growth of 2011. Head cooks and chefs earned mean annual wages of 44 780 dollars, according to 2010 BLS data, while those who work as first-line supervisors earned mean annual incomes of 31 700 dollars. Other fields that could be of interest to those who want to work in culinary or restaurant field include becoming a food service manager or prep worker. Also opportunities could be available in lodging and hotel management. Backing and pastry online colleges are as popular as those which offer a wide variety of subjects for the students. They provide learners with experience and skills needed for their professional realization. Many of graduates become chefs in restaurants or start their own business in the field of backing and pastry.