Boston College online is one of the most selective and best universities in United States with US News and World Report ranking the college 31st among national universities and Forbes ranking it 26th in its 2012 America’s Best College Listing. The college confers more than 4 000 degrees per year in more than fifty fields of study through eight schools and colleges. Faculty members are committed to both research and teaching having earned nearly sixty million dollars in research grants in the last year alone. The university has made a major commitment to academic excellence. Boston College is in the process of adding one hundred new faculty positions expanding graduate research and faculty and increasing student financial aid to more than 128 million dollars annually and widening opportunities in key undergraduate programs – for example student formation and international study as part of its Strategic plan. Boston College online has experienced tremendous growth in recent years including seventy-five percent increase in undergraduate applications over the past decade to more than 34 000 for the 2 250 seats in its freshman class. An increase in voluntary giving from alumni has helped to move the endowment of the University to approximately 1.9 billion $ during the same period.

Boston college online

Boston college online has a long and interesting story. It was founded many years before online education to become popular. This happened in 1863 by the society of Jesuits and opened its doors for the first time on September 5, 1864 with three teachers and twenty-two students. It remained a small undergraduate institution that serves the sons of the Irish working class and teaching such subjects as philosophy and theology, Latin and Greek classics and English and modern languages through its first seven decades. The College outgrew its urban setting early in the 20th century and moved to the formal Lawrence Farm in then-rural Chestnut Hill. The church in the 21st Century Initiative which was founded in the midst of the sex abuse scandal as a resource and catalyst for engaging critical issues facing the Catholic Church became a permanent center at Boston College online in 2005. The college is committing to both strengthening and maintaining the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the University and especially its commitment to integrating personal, intellectual, religious and ethical formation. Furthermore it is committed to uniting high academic achievement with service to others. In absolutely all of the aspects of University life with a community of more than 150 Jesuits serving as administrators and faculty or studying for advanced degrees within Boston College’s various schools, Jesuits are active. Members of the community of Jesuits also offer Ignatian retreats and spiritual direction to staff, students and faculty. The college is certainly one of the best options for all the students who have to get quality higher education and to earn such degrees that will allow them to succeed in making of good career realization. This college meets the needs of students and helps them to choose their path in life.