Brookline College online is proud of its heritage. It has not only been meeting the educational needs of its students but it has been helping to change their lives since more than thirty years. The college is committed to continue this tradition. The commitment includes offering programs in vital career fields. Maintaining an experienced faculty devoted to providing more than just a quality education and cultivating such a quality staff that is dedicated to providing service and support from start to finish are another details included in the commitment. It also includes providing the flexibility to meet today’s busy lifestyles. Originally the college was incorporated and licensed in Arizona on October 18, 1979 as Arizona Institute of Business and Technology. It was a non-profit business and technical school. Five years later the institution was accredited by the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools which today’s name is Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. It awarded AIBT Junior College status in 1999 and graded approval for the institution to offer the Associate degrees at all campus locations. AIBT was awarded Senior College status by ACICS and received approval to offer Bachelor of Arts degrees via online delivery.

Brookline College online

Brookline College online received approval to offer Baccalaureate degrees via residential and online delivery in June 2010. One year later the college received approval to offer master degrees via residential and online delivery. The college is committed to providing you with both the skills and educational needs of a developing multicultural society. The educational institution is committed to prepare students academically and professionally to meet the constantly changing employment requirements of industry, business, public service organizations and medical support agencies. All they function in a highly advanced and expanding technological community. The main purpose of Brookline College online is to prepare students both academically and socially for success in the career of their choice. It delivers an outstanding educational experience through quality faculty, industry proven educational tools and extraordinary support of the students’ academic accomplishments. The faculty of the college is qualified based both on practical work experience and education. Furthermore the college uses a curriculum development process which includes the input of industry panelists and subject matter experts as to the trends and needs of the program of study. Its process results in such kind of programs that are industry-focused and based on competency preparedness. All the graduates of the institution are required to successfully complete courses that are all focused on the components of this professionalism and job in the work environment. They have been tasted on the hands-on skills needed to prepare them for employment at your company in doing so. The college considers the employers of its graduates as customers. In this way it wants to thank those customers and assure them that hiring a graduate from the college is always the right decision. The staff of the college strongly believes in the great service and provides not only to its graduates but to the employment community in general