Bryan College online is a nondenominational evangelical Christian college named after William Jennings Bryan, founded in 1930. Jennings Bryan was an orator, statesman and renowned prosecuting attorney in the famous Scopes Evolution Trial. The college was founded by individuals representing at least 8 denominations, explaining in part why Bryan is a not affiliated with a denomination as many other private Christian schools are. The college was chartered in 1930 and admitted its first class in the fall of that year. Its state purpose was and still is, to provide for the higher education of both men and women under auspices distinctly spiritual and Christian. Its name was changed to William Jennings Bryan College in 1958 and later – in 1993 – was shortened just to Bryan College. It is founded upon the belief that author of truth is God. According to this belief He has revealed Himself to mankind through nature, the Bible, Jesus Christ and conscience. Again according to the college’ beliefs it is His will for man to come to a knowledge of truth and that an integrated study of both arts and sciences and also the Bible, with a proper emphasis on the spiritual, social, physical and mental aspects of life will lead to the balance development of the whole person.

Bryan College online

Bryan College online is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the baccalaureate, associate and graduate degrees. It is a Christ-centered liberal arts independent institution that offers degrees in forty areas. Some of them include Biology, Business Administration, Biblical Studies, Christian taught, Mathematics, Music and much more. Its main mission consists of educating students who one day can become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world. The college desires to cultivate in its students a deepening love both for God and His truth. Therefore, educating students in the fullness of God’s truth happens through every facet of college life. It spreads from the classroom to the athletic fields, on the campuses and through partnerships around the world. The staff of the college believes a Christian worldview necessitates an education about all of reality. In Bryan College online are enrolled over 1 700 students which over 700 students from 41 states and nine foreign countries enrolled in the Dayton campus traditional program and almost 1000 students in online dual enrollment, graduate programs and degree completion. The college is one of the busiest and most active places on the planet, according to one student enrolled in the institution. Opportunities for leadership at Bryan abroad is another option that students may choose, You can both develop and refine your leadership skills on campus whether through the Student Government Association or in many of the organizations and clubs on campus as you are both encouraged and directed by caring mentors. SGA has designated a specific committee comprised of one officer from each class and two vice presidents, one for on-campus and one for off-campus activities. These leaders seek to provide frequent events to take a break and just hang out.