Dating online was something people had to keep secret and was treated as the domain of people who could not get a “real” date. Online dating has gone mainstream, and a site in Internet found that about 17 percent of people who had married in the previous three years met their spouses online. People that are aged eighteen to thirty are more likely to use dating online than other demographics and some dating sites are targeted specifically to college students. The American Life Project and The Pew Internet found that about eleven percent of Internet users had used online dating in 2006. According to Internet World Stats, however, Internet usage has doubled since that time so the percentage of people using college online dating has also likely increased. Furthermore Pew reported that eighteen percent of young people aged 18 to 29 used dating online. The Harvard Crimson reported that college students are increasingly using dating online, particularly when they wish to avoid the bar scene and get into a committed relationship. With the growing popularity of technologies and Internet today college dating online is something that many young people use daily. It helps people to develop in their lives and to meet with different people.

College online dating

There is no specific profile of the sort of person dating online. College students from all walks of life try dating online and Pew Internet reports that thirty-six percent of all single people have tried online dating. It can make it easier to meet people, particularly for shy and socially awkward people, so all of them who are uncomfortable with the bar scene or do not have a large group of friends might be more likely to date online. College students are setting into a new environment and often struggle to meet people and this change in scenery and lifestyle can make online dating appealing. Several sites have sprung up that specifically target college students over the past few years. The Harvard Crimson report that one in five students in Harvard uses DateMySchool and 50 percent of dates at Columbia University and New York University begin online via DateMySchool. The University of California at Santa Barbara’s the Bottom Line reports that college students are more likely than other age groups to use Okcupid and PlentyofFish also tend to be more popular among college students. They sometimes also use such social networking sites as Facebook to learn more about a person before date or to meet people. The Internet is a popular tool for sustaining relationships in addition to meeting people online. College students use often social networking to stay up-to-date on their dates’ lives and activities. Some of the students are involved in long-distance relationships with high school lovers, and chatting online can help maintain these relationships. A significant portion of her/his relationship interactions may occur online, even when a student does not meet her/his partner online. College online dating is now something made by many people. In this way they keep in touch with people from different countries.