College results online also known as CRO is an interactive user –friendly web Tool. It is designed in such a way to provide counselors, parents, students, policymakers and others with information about college graduation rates for almost any 4-year university or college in the USA. Thanks to this tool all the users can learn about college’s track records in graduating diverse group of students, examine college’s graduation rates and see how those rates have changed over time. Another think they are allowed to do is to make comparison between rates of similar colleges that serve similar students. All this information reveals that some colleges do a much better job of graduating students than others. It shows and that significant gaps exist in graduation rates between white students and students of color at many colleges. It provides, however, powerful examples of such colleges that prove that low graduation rates are more inevitable, especially for diverse students. College results online is undoubtedly one of the best web Tools that can give you all the information you need about online colleges or universities. That’s why the tool is very popular and used by many students and adults who want the best education online.

College results online

There are some frequently asked questions that people ask about College results online (CRO). One of them is connected with information of data. Actually most of it comes from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data & System. It is the federal government’s annual survey of higher education institutions. CRO is considered to be unique mainly because of the data. This is the second frequently asked question. Data is everywhere you look but rarely organized in both concise and clear way that in fact helps parents, students and policymakers to find all the information they need in a one – stop shop. The tool presents a host of publicly available data all in one location. Furthermore it also helps the users to identify easy these colleges that serve well their students. The third frequently asked question is about updating data on CRO from The Education Trust. It updates the database every year based on new data from the federal government. This annual update is completed as quickly as possible. However, there will be some lag time between when the federal government makes the information public, when college results online reflects new data and when institutions report the data. CRO includes four – year institutions which have graduation – rate data available and also are eligible for federal title 4 student financial aid. All the graduation rates are based on first – time, full –time, bachelor’s degree seeking students so both the universities and colleges that don’t admit these students or haven’t been in existence long enough to have a full class of students pass through the institution are not included in college results online. Some of the colleges are so unique that they don’t have any similar ones. The algorithm in CRO excludes institutions from comparison in case they are too statistically different from the other college of any one of a variety of variables.