Columbia College British Columbia online is a privately owned 2-year liberal arts college that is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is both administered and owned by the Columbia College Society. This is a non-profit academic society that is comprised by all the Columbia College employees. The mission of that educational institution is to prepare both Canadian and International students for admission to a university. That’s why it provides quality academic programs in a supportive environment. Furthermore the college offers University Foundation Programs, including a British Columbia Ministry of Education certified Senior Secondary Program , and an accredited English as a Second Language Program. The college first offered high school completion programs to hundreds of students, founded in 1936. In 1965 it added university transfer courses to its offerings, and during the 1970s introduced an English as a Second Language program to meet the needs of the increasing number of international students. In 1985 the college moved from downtown Vancouver to Burnaby to a location near Metrotown Center. The programs of the college over the next 12 years expanded significantly. It returned to its old location in 1997 to share a new facility with the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Columbia College British Columbia online


                Columbia College British Columbia online now operates as a Non-profit Society and has an enrollment of about 1000 students drawn from around the world. Many thousands of the Canadian and International students have completed their qualifications at Columbia College over the years and proceeded to university. The institution will continue to provide excellent preparation for university entrance in the years to come. The University Transfer programs offered by this college allow students to take their first and second year university-level studies in the more personal atmosphere of a smaller college before transferring to second or third year at a university. Transfer credit is pre-arranged for university courses that are completed at Columbia College British Columbia online with such local universities as Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria and University of British Columbia. The college is authorized to offer 2-year Associate Degrees. The degrees, awarded upon completion of at least sixty credits and the fulfillment of specific requirements are helpful both as a stand-alone qualification and also as a basis of admission to third year at university. The British Columbia’s universities all recognize the value of Associate degrees and accept them as a basis for admission to 3rd year of baccalaureate programs. BC’s public research universities all guarantee the full sixty credits to students admitted on the strength of an Associate degree though specific course requirements must still be completed if not included in the Associate degree, even in case not all courses counting towards the Associate degree transfer to the university in question individually. University Foundation programs are available to high school level students who wish to enroll in university but lack the prerequisites to do so. All these things make Columbia College British Columbia one of the best educational institutions not only in Canada but in the world.