Columbia College Missouri online also known as Columbia College is a private co-educational liberal arts college based in Columbia, Missouri. It offers day and evening classes on its Columbia Campus, extension courses through its thirty-four nationwide campuses and ties with US military bases and online courses. The college has retained a covenant with the Christian Church since its inception and furthermore the college is nonsectarian. On January 18, 1851 Christian Female College received its charter from the Missouri Legislature, making it the first women’s college west of the Mississippi river to be chartered by state legislature. In part because the University of Missouri did not yet admit women the city of Columbia strongly supported female education. Furthermore the city was home to Stephens College which was founded in 1830 and chartered 26 years later. The first classes were held in an unfinished mansion as infrastructure was a problem. The president of the college vowed to keep the school open in the chaos of Civil War. The majority of the city of Columbia was pro-Union but surrounding agricultural areas were decidedly pro-slavery. Today’s Columbia College Missouri saw its largest enrollment after the War to date with 182 students taught by 9 faculty members.

Columbia College Missouri online

Columbia College Missouri changed form a two-year all-female college to a 4-year coeducational college in 1970 and changed its name to Columbia College. More than seventy courses as daring as cycling and flying were added to the curriculum between 1970 and 1971. GPA and English of 2.0 were dropped; more foreign students were admitted and a host of lifestyle choices were allowed. They included a relax dress code, smoking and off-campus living for juniors. The President said in 1971 that the time had come to openly allow discussions of poverty, the Vietnam War, racism and abortion. Columbia College Missouri began educating military personnel at the request of the military in bold contrast to the anti-military stance of many colleges. In this way the college was one of the first ones in the country with extended campuses on military bases. This was the start of the Extended Studies Division first headed by William Brown, who would later go on to serve as Executive Vice President of the College. The college launched its Evening Campus 2 years later, which was geared to adult students. In our days the college has 33 extended campuses around the country and serves more than 25 000 military and civilian students each year. The college offered its first graduate degree with a Master of Arts in Teaching in 1996, followed by a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. The college Cougars women’s volleyball program captured two consecutive National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics championships in 1998 and 1999 with perfect 45-0 and 44-0 records respectively. A centennial celebration was held at Columbia College Missouri Online November 9-11, 2007 in honor of what would have been alumna Jane Froman’s 100th birthday.