Columbia College was a college in Eugene in the US state of Oregon. The school was part of a system of churches established by the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, founded in 1856. The newer branch sought to found schools to educate ministers for future service in the church, after the Cumberland Presbyterian Church split from the Presbyterian Church in 1810. Church leaders in Oregon discussed starting a school in what was then the Oregon Territory, as early as 1851. On 7 April 1853 a committee was created to make plans for a school. It recommended raising 20 000 dollars to start the school by selling scholarships at 100 dollars each. They said the college should be located between what was then Eugene City in the southern Wiliamette Valley and Lafayette at the northern edge of the valley. The plan was approved by December 1853 and the church began advertising to raise the funds. A new committee was formed one year later to select the location for the new school, with the committee choosing Eugene on October 5, 1854. The school was named Pacific College at that point but was changed by the legislative committee to Columbia College.

Columbia College Oregon online

Columbia College online refers to at least several educational institutions. This in Oregon was first called Pacific College but soon its name was changed to Columbia College. The Board of Trustless met for the first time in May 1855 and selected Samuel Dillard as the President of the board, and has secured twenty acres adjacent to Eugene and a 24-foot by 48-foot building to house the school was under construction by October. Enoch Pratt Henderson, a minister was hired to serve as president of the college which he did from November 3, 1856 until September 19, 1859. On November 3, 1856 the school opened. However, it did not start classes until November 17, when the number of the students was fifty-two. The new building of the college which now is known as Columbia College online, burned soon after it opened. That happened just three days after its opening. Two days later the classes resumed at a rented home while plans were made to re-build. Enrollment grew to 150 students and a new building was finished within two years. Classes were primarily preparatory classes during the existence of the college. The second structure was meant to be temporary and it was, as it burned in February 26, 1858. Columbia tried again to rebuild, this time building a two-story building faced with sandstone. Some of the most notable alumni that have studied in the college were William Thompson, James F. Watson and Joaquin Miller. In our days Columbia College Oregon online is as famous and popular as all the other educational institutions with the name Columbia College. It provides all the skills and knowledge students need to succeed in real life. Thanks to the experience and the variety of degrees everyone can find a job in the field they want to develop.