There are several educational institutions which are known as Columbia College. For example in British Columbia there is two year – liberal art institution located in Vancouver. Also there is a college with such name in Chicago, Illinois. It is a large arts and communications college. A community college in Sonora refers to Columbia College in California. A former college in Oregon also is known with this name. There are many other educational institutions which names are like the mentioned colleges. For all of them articles will be written but now will be given information about two of them – these that are located in Illinois and California. The second is established in September 1968 as Columbia Junior College but in 1978 it dropped “junior” from its name. The architectural style of the college is that of California during the Gold Rush era. In 1954 the former Modesto Junior College District was expanded into a larger area stretching out to the Yosemite Community College District because it was decided so by the district electorate. The long distance travel required students to attend college was very difficult. The high demand caused the Community College District Board of Trustless to authorize the formation of the college and its opening in 1968.

Columbia college online

Columbia College online refers including for this located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1890 as the Columbia School of Oratory by Blood and Morey Riley. After Riley died in 1901, the school changed its name to the Columbia College of Expression in 1905. It added coursework in teaching to the curriculum. Columbia has a nontraditional campus located in the South Loop of Chicago. The campus is composed of many buildings that were all built in the early years of the 20th century and the school bought them as it expanded. Alexander Campus Center is located at 600 S. Michigan Avenue and was built by Christian Eckstorm in 1906 – 07. He was an architect popular for his both warehouse and industrial designs to serve as the headquarters of the International Harvester Company In addition to the offered at the college academic programs students engage in a big number of extracurricular activities. There are several major organizations on campus run by students. All these organizations of the students work together to provide leadership training and experience to Columbia students, so they’ll be ready to take on leadership roles in their future places of employment. The Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago is one of the region’s leading education centers. It offers programs to encourage the development of professionals in dance. It is also one of Chicago’s leading presenters of world – class dance companies. The center was located at 4730 North Sheridan Road in the former movie theater in the uptown neighborhood of Chicago prior to the relocation to Michigan Avenue. The college has operated the Semester in Los Angeles program which recently moved onto the premises of Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California since 1959.