Daymar College online has a rich business education history. The main academic focus was on general business studies when it first opened its doors as Owensboro Business College in 1963. Both accounting and secretarial science were added two years later – in 1965. The college was nationally accredited as a business college in 1970 by the Accrediting Commission of the Association of Independent Colleges and Schools. Furthermore it was approved by the US Department of Education to award financial aid to students. Offering of all the programs on a credit – hour basis started and was authorized by the Kentucky State Board for Proprietary Education to award Associate degree in 1973. The United State Office of Education awarded the college a Special Service Project making it the first private career college to receive such an honor. The name that the college brings today is from August 2001. Then Owensboro Junior College of Business was transformed in Daymar College. The vision of Daymar College online is to provide a friendly, warm and nurturing atmosphere whrere students can learn the skills required to obtain the careers they need, to have these lives they have always wanted.

Daymar college online

Daymar College online is undoubtedly one of the most colleges that offer online education in our days. The purpose of the college consists of stressing to all the students the importance of a sound general education background. In it they can broaden their understanding of society and the complexities that affect this society. Furthermore the college has a number of other goals. It makes its best to assist graduates in securing meaningful and satisfying entry – level employment through career and job placement services and to help students reach a level of social maturity that will be respected in the community as well as in the business world. Another part of the purpose is connected with both providing of education and training to students on a group and individual basis. This will help students to realize their full potential in specialized business skills and knowledge. There are many reasons that make Daymar College online the best choice for higher education and thanks to which in the college each year enroll many students. The college has a long history of providing students with excellent career education. It leads its beginning since 1963. You have the chance to choose from a number of programs in fast – growing fields and this is also one of the main reasons the college to be so popular. Thanks to the flexible scheduling from education online options that take advantage of advances in technology that makes education more convenient students can study at their own pace including from home. Another reason is because the instructors are all dedicated and experienced professionals. They really want you to make all the achievements you have ever wanted. The programs are career – focused and designed in a way that gives you both the knowledge and skills employers are looking for.