An English degree online is a very good choice for all the people who are interested in reflecting or crafting upon the written word. English majors can work as editors, writers, teachers, publishers and much more. It is possible for you to make a career in the field of public relations or also degrees can be used to transition into other areas of study such as law. The expectations from English students are to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Their classes often task them with studying literature and then writing criticism of analyzing the author’s meaning in an essay. They should have the analytical tools to evaluate the ability to present their ideas or concepts in writing, the organizational and intellectual skills to complete a project and to evaluate the written work of others by the time they receive their diploma. Some of the schools offer specialized tracks in their English programs which may offer different classes. Language arts, creative writing and writing and rhetoric are some of the most common specializations. All English majors generally speaking will have to take either college writing on composition classes as well as classes that study historical literature.

English degree online

Depending on the track, the degree plan changes. A student in creative writing program for example for example will likely take both intermediate and advanced fiction, non – fiction and poetry classes while a literal student could take literary criticism, rhetorical history and advanced expository writing. Most of the English students will both read and analyze criticize written works and write essays although there are some differences. Associate English degree online provides a solid foundation for further studies, the US bureau of Labor Statistics reports that a bachelor’s degree or higher is typically needed for a job as an editor or writer. Each student will probably need to successfully complete courses in advanced reading, poetry and creative writing and contemporary and dramatic literature to get an associate degree in English. Bachelor’s degree online will enable you to get an entry – level position as an editor, writer or an author. English majors can work in different fields, including for newspapers and magazines, as copywriters for marketing and advertising firms and much more. Other positions they can apply for are teachers and editors or writers for textbook companies. The majors may also take British or American literature, academic writing, introduction to communication, literary analysis and interpretation skills in addition to their basic math and science courses. A student in an English master’s degree online may take such classes that further explore literature and the writing craft. Some of the schools offer graduate – level courses of Old English, Medieval culture and literature and creative non – fiction. Master online English degree is a great tool that can improve chances of the students to find   higher paying job after they graduate. All the candidates with such a degree may find employment as an editor, at newspapers or magazines or as a teacher at the high school level.