Florida Virtual School or simply FLVS is an established leader in both providing and developing virtual K – 12 education solutions to the students not only all over Florida but also USA and the world. This educational institution is founded in 1997 and was the country’s first, state –wide – Internet – based public high school. It is also a nationally recognized e – Learning model and recipient of numerous awards. In nowadays the virtual school serves students in grades K -12 and provides a variety of custom solutions for schools. Furthermore it districts to meet all the students needs. The main goal that this educational institution has is to deliver a high quality, technology – based school that provides both knowledge and the skills students need for success. The school is built on several beliefs such as every student is unique and because of this reason learning will be dynamic, engaging and flexible and students should have choices in how they present what they know and how they learn. Another belief is connected with the fact that assessments should provide insights not only of curriculum and instruction but also – and mainly – of student progress.

Florida virtual school

Florida virtual school is a public school choice that provides different curriculum - elementary, middle and high school – to Florida residents for Free. Absolutely all of the courses are full – on –line. The educational institution which is also known just as FLVS is accredited as a system by Advance Education and the various schools are accredited by SACS CASI. This means Southern Association of College and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. The courses in the virtual schools meet the Sunshine Standards which are developed by the state of Florida and all the public institutions with Florida must provide Florida families the option to choose to choose for courses FLVS. The institution core courses curriculum has been approved by NCAA. Elective courses are not approved by NCAA as they are not part of their college entrance requirements. For all the students who want to learn here is important to know that FLVS part time doesn’t currently grant a diploma. Instead credits are transferred back to the student’s local school to court towards their graduation requirement. Students who study from home fulfill a number of diploma requirements either through portfolios. In many cases they include all scores and national SAT or they also use the services of an “umbrella school” that offers the diploma. FLVS is one of the first in the United States and has developed a firm foundation in online pedagogy and seeks to share that knowledge with institutions of higher learning. The educational institution works with universities across the country on several initiatives to further the knowledge of online classrooms. This kind of collaborations includes research opportunities and grant partnerships, professional development for teachers and pre – service teacher internship/observation opportunities in its virtual classrooms. The school offers opportunities for students to complete their observation requirements in its classrooms along with internship placement up to fourteen weeks in the classroom of a supervising, clinically – trained teacher.