According to the US Census Bureau nearly 15 % of adults don’t have a high school diploma or AT least its equivalency. High school dropouts face fewer job prospects and also opportunities for income growth but going back to high school and facing gym class and cliques is not the only option for obtaining this kind of degree. Students can earn a certificate that verifies their knowledge trough the GED test. GED means General Educational Development or high school equivalency test with which name the test is known. In different cases, however, there are alternative tests. Some states offer both options and in this way make important comparing of their merits and choose this test that best suits their ambitions. The history of GED test is interesting. It was developed by the American Council of Education for US soldiers in 1942. They went to war before graduating high school. The test was design as an alternative to returning to high school for soldiers leaving active duty after the war by proving competency in five areas of general knowledge. The test actually contains series of tests in subjects like science, reading, writing, math and social studies and all the students that pass the test are eligible for a GED certificate from the Department of Public Instruction.

High school equivalency

In some states the GED test is called high school equivalency test. Other states offer alternative high school equivalency certificates. Some of these programs expand upon the GED test with additional requirements and assessments. For example In the State of Wisconsin a High School Equivalency degree requires assessments in such spheres like health, civics, employability skills and also awareness in addition to the five general education tests. Not all the tests are like rigorous. For example the California High School Proficiency Examinations consists only of two parts which are math and language arts. At least a few comparisons can be made in order to show the specifics and characteristics of GED test and high school equivalency test. While the GED has been updated since its inception, some may feel it is not enough in a competitive workplace. The higher requirements of the second test – high school equivalency, may better prepare students for both workplace and college. The GED tests are taken at testing sites throughout Canada and the USA while some high school equivalency tests can be taken online. In this way they become more convenient and simultaneously attainable for some students. Independently both the tests offer a way to prove competency which is equal to a high school graduate. The benefits of one over the other are dependent on the student’s aims and offered programs in the state of residence. Either option offers a promise of better employability or chances of getting into college. This test is very popular and – most of all – has an interesting story. It was designed for the first time in 1942 by soldiers who went to fight in the Second World War.