By taking tests or get their bachelors in less than a year, several websites have popped up recently claiming that students can earn a degree. Is the information they're selling a scam? Not necessarily. It is true that experienced students and good test-takers may be able to earn legitimate online degrees quickly and primarily through test-taking. It is not easy, however and it's not always the most fulfilling way to experience college. You can't just sign up for any program in order to test your way into a degree. You will need to be particularly cautious to avoid diploma mills with unethical practices - even listing a diploma mill degree on your resume is a crime in some states when planning your next steps. There are several regionally accredited online colleges that are competency-based and offer flexible ways for students to earn credit. You may be able to earn the majority of your credits by proving your knowledge through taking tests rather than completing coursework by enrolling in one of these legitimate online colleges. "Testing out of college" is probably a better choice for experienced adult learners rather than incoming freshmen. It might be right for you if you have a lot of knowledge but are being held back in your career due to the lack of a degree.

How to earn an online college degree by exam


            This course may be particularly challenging as the tests tend to be difficult and do require a substantial amount of studying for students that are new to a topic in case you are coming right out of high school. Earning an online degree by taking tests has some major drawbacks.  Students miss out on what some consider are the most important aspects of the college experience in particular. You miss out on interacting with a professor, networking with your peers, and learning as a part of a community when you take a test instead of a class. The required tests are challenging and the unstructured nature of studying alone can lead many students to simply give up in addition to this. Students need to be particularly driven and disciplined in order to be successful with this approach. The tests that you take will depend on your college's requirements. You may end up taking university tests monitored online, university tests monitored at a designated testing location (such as a local library), or external tests. External tests such as the College Level Exam Program (CLEP) can help you bypass courses in specialized subjects such as U.S. History, Marketing, or College Algebra.  Many "earn a degree fast" and "test out of college" advertisements are scams – you have to keep it in mind. It is essential that you enroll in a legitimate, accredited online college when choosing to earn a degree primarily through examination. Your degree should be considered legitimate by employers and other educational institutions in case you choose an accredited online college. . There should be no difference between the degree you earn through proving your knowledge through test taking and the degree another online student earns through coursework.