Mercy College online is a four-year, private institution founded in 1950 as a junior college by the Sisters of Mercy. It became a four-year college that offers such programs leading to the baccalaureate degree in 1961. The college is Middle States accredited and is designed as a Department of Veteran Affairs “Yellow Ribbon” school. Furthermore the institution is a Hispanic-serving college. It blends keen academic minds and professional experts to ensure all teachers are current and the best in their respective fields. 193 full-time faculty include Fulbright Scholars, published and national best-selling authors. Faculty members know the students at the college. 95 percent of all undergraduate classes have fewer than thirty students and seventy percent have fewer than twenty students. Class sizes are small, with an average faculty/student ratio of 18:1. Nearly 10 000 students study in more than 90 graduate and undergraduate programs. The college offers a quality liberal arts and professional education within its five schools. They are Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health and Natural Sciences, Liberal Arts, Education and Business. The main campus of Mercy College online is located in scenic Dobbs Ferry, New York. It is just minutes from Manhattan.


Mercy College online

Mercy College online offers a number of graduate and undergraduate degree programs entirely provided online there is sufficient enrollment in addition to offering many online courses. The college can put you in the driver’s seat in case Business is society’s engine. It will get you prepared for the complex workings of business and how they relate to the environment. And help you plan, organize, lead and control the direction your organization will take. Mercy College stands out when it comes to faculty. You will benefit from both leaders in business highly esteemed instructors. All of whom who not only are accomplished professionals with years of experience, but also have a strong grasp of theoretical components of today’s business institutions. Master of Science Degree in Human Resource management is designed to make you a human resource professional. You will learn how to both develop and manage teams of human resources in industry, business and the non-profit sector. You’ll learn theoretical background, skills and concepts you can apply to help advance your career in case you are already in the profession. The Advanced Graduate Certificate in this field is a non-degree program presenting many of the critical aspects of the degree program and which may be appropriate for all those in management who have a graduate degree but desire a specific education in the critical aspects of human resource management. Furthermore it may help those who are not ready to commit to completing the entire degree learn key aspects of human resource management and perhaps decide to take advantage of the benefit of the full degree program. These are only two of the numerous options that Mercy College online offers to all its students. Founded more than 70 years ago, in our days the college is one of the best institutions that provide quality higher education.