There are many institutions known as online bible college. This kind of colleges is post – graduate institutions and they prepare students for Biblical studies, practical ministry training and Church ministry for theological education. Primarily the colleges offer undergraduate degrees but also may offer graduate degrees and lower –level associate’s degrees, diplomas or certificates in specialized areas of Christian training where a full degree is neither required nor needed. According to the Association for Biblical Higher Education there are 1200 Bible schools and colleges in both Canada and USA. They produce a large percentage of North American evangelical missioners and serves as a primary training center for local church leadership. More than 50 % of all Protestant missionaries in the world are graduates of some online bible college in our days. This is a statistic from The South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges. Theology – degrees claims that the number of the accredited bible colleges in the United States of America is over 300 as of November 2012. Throughout North America there are around 200 postsecondary bible institutions affiliated with the Association for Bible Higher Education. There were 400 bible colleges representing 31 000 students in the USA and Canada in 1997.

Online bible college

The origins of Bible colleges movement is in the late 19th century Bible institute movement in Canada and the United States. In North America the first Bible schools were founded by Simpson – Nyack College in 1882 of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and D.L. Moody – Moody Bible Institute in 1887. Many of them were established as conservative reaction against liberal established theological seminaries and colleges. Each online bible college generally confers bachelor’s degrees more often in biblical studies and various divisions of Christian ministry and worship ministry in church music. Some of them offer degrees in ministry – related areas. They also have secular application such as Christian education. Associate’s degree, certificates and diplomas are all available in some bible colleges. These programs are generally designed for laypersons such as Sunday School Teachers. They neither want nor need a bachelor’s degree to perform their Christian service. However, they desire additional training in areas such as Bible studies or the practices and teachings of their denomination. All these colleges are usually associated with evangelical or Pentecostal Protestant denominations. The primary purpose of them is to prepare people for roles in Christian ministry. The bible – centered curriculum is typically supplemented by structured programs of Christian service. For approval or accreditation of higher education each country has its own governmental process. From 2007 to 2012 all bible colleges along with all independent colleges of higher education in United Kingdom needed to be accredited under the authority of UK Border Agency by either the British Accreditation Council. Then the government changed in 2012 to the need to have compulsory Education Oversight from such organizations as Bridge Schools Inspectorate. Some online bible colleges in USA operate purposefully without conventional educational accreditation or governmental licensing. These institutions typically claim exemption due to the religious nature of their programs that involving an outside agency in this capacity would compromise their missions.