One of the biggest chances to higher education in recent years has been the evolving profile of the average college student. While that student was once full – time, financially depended on loans or other support or if he or she is young, today is more likely to be part – time, older and working according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Karen VanGorder, director of online learning and credit programs at Indiana University – Purfue University – Fort Wayne, a school that offers at least several online certificate programs such as bachelor’s, says that in our days student do more than one thing. As he told, “ It’s just not possible to fit on-campus courses into their schedules and online learning helps them fit it in”. US News has released the 2014 Best Online Programs rankings to help all the students to make smart decisions. In their third year the rankings cover online bachelor’s degrees and also online master’s degree in such spheres such as business, engineering, nursing, education, computer information technology and many others. Online certificate programs that are earned after the end of the studying, give many chances for professional career and more experience that help to everyone who wants to become a professional and also to find a well – paid job.

Online certificate programs

Almost 1000 distance education online certificate programs submitted a completed US News questionnaire during the summer of 2013, up from 860 programs the previous year. Only degree – granting programs offering courses entirely online were considered. The rankings actually are the only ones published that compare data of online degree programs rather than the schools that offer them. The methodologies behind this year’s rankings changed significantly to reflect additional data and statistical processes used to do the calculations. All these changes are the primary factors behind while schools moved up and down in the rankings. While students don’t necessarily need straight A’s to get into a top online education program that does not mean they should discount the difficulty of the course work. Both students and experts online say online education is just as hard – if not harder – than work in on – campus program. One of the most preferred online certificate students by the students are subjects such as business and many others. Within business the most popular degrees include business administration and management, finance and accounting. The online bachelor’s rankings saw significant chances as a result of the updated methodology and the higher number of programs evaluated. All six rankings for the first time include peer review data based on schools’ evaluations of each other. Furthermore the new rankings give greater weight to one – year retention rates, graduation rates and required time to graduate. Selectivity has less weight in some of the masrer’s disciplines and again is not a ranking factor used in the online bachelor’s degree programs rankings since most online undergraduate programs do not require standardized test scores or high school transcripts.