There are many colleges and universities where online classes are available. For example at DeVry University they are designed from the beginning to give you the tools with all the class’s information and materials available to you from a week before the class even starts. Each week’s assignments and discussions are contained on a tab specific to the week in which they are assigned. One of the most important parts of being successful while you’re taking online classes is actively working with your peers. Another educational institution that offers classes online is Stanford University. It offers a variety of professional educational chances and opportunities in conjunction with many of the University’s departments and schools. The university fosters collaboration with other organizations and educational institutions by sharing course materials. Another way is data – driven research and source code for enhancements to its open –source platform which is known as Stanford OpenEdx. Furthermore the university continues to make experiments with a view to improve what it does through creative use of technology and sharing of what it learns with the rest of the world. These are just two of the numerous educational institutions where online classes are available.

Online classes

There are many top universities where online classes are available for all the students. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a program which is called MIT Open CourseWare. Although it’s not an MIT education, it reflects most of the both graduate and undergraduate courses offered there. Course materials are compiled from the faculty, licensed and then formatted for open sharing in Internet. Courses are self –directed and besides there is no internet registration required. Online education has become more increasingly popular among the students. Probably for many people the goal is to complete formal courses with a cheaper yet equally effective way of acquiring relevant skills and knowledge. As the number of online schools has grown exponentially over the past few years, critics have aired their concerns on the setbacks of online education and its negative effects on students in the long run. Also some of the critics are members of governments. And although acquiring an online degree or visiting of online classes may look like a fresh alternative to traditional in-person learning there are still doubts on its growing reputation as the most rightful alternative to the well –known classroom learning. Unlike degree programs all interactions are mediated by technology. Degree programs just provide ample access to help from both other students and professors. And while many people certainly expect that online learning is similar to learning in your own, you have to keep in mind something very important. This is the fact that all online programs are built upon communication till at big number of universities each student is one face among hundreds in a lecture hall, and in this way he makes two – way communication almost impossible. Online classes take place every day in many educational institutions no matter colleges or universities. They are integral part of distance learning.