Many of the students want to make online colleges tours. That’s why the number of the companies that organize these tours is big. One of the most popular companies that work in this field is Campus Tours. It was founded in 1997 as a way for students to take virtual tours of universities and colleges. The company began building in 2011 multimedia tours and interactive campus maps for universities and colleges and has since grown to become the largest provider of video and virtual tour and interactive map services to the academic, government and non-profit markets. The company develops cutting-edge presentations online that are backed with advanced content management software putting clients in direct control of their multimedia. It has developed a reputation for institutional storytelling through compelling and creative multimedia with more than 3000 completed presentations. As in our days online colleges tours are preferred by many students, there are big amounts of information about them in Internet. Today the tours are often the initial point of contact for first time site visitors and all the companies such as Campus Tours ensure that these vital first impressions achieve a tone reflecting each institution’s unique personality.

Online college tours


                All the companies that organize online college tours develop in most cases stunning 3D photorealistic map renderings for use in both interactive maps and print publications. These maps immerce visitors in their location by the use of vivid three-dimensional rendering complete with trees, cars, paths, people and landscaping, This kind of maps give organizations an opportunity to actually show visitors their layout, community and iconic structures in such a way that it was impossible before photorealism. The maps by definition capture a great deal of location detail, and require both ground level photography and an aerial photography shoot from a fixed-wing aircraft. Furthermore the clients are able to provide comments on granular items throughout the map to ensure that the finished photorealistic map completely embodies the organization. Students seek out presentations like online college tours to help them decide which institutions to pursue further when they research online educational institutional. Students that access virtual campus tours are seeking to answer like: are there people like me here, what will I eat, what’s the social scene like and much more. In our days schools need virtual campus tours that communicate their institutional character, pedagogical approach and sense of community in a way emphasizing their differentiating aspects. The organizations that are responsible for online college tours use photorealistic maps, integration of student commentary throughout their experiences and interactive videos to help personalize your organization to visitors. All of the companies believe that the virtual campus tours are about telling you story to the world and that every organization deserves an opportunity to make a memorable and unique statement. All the companies that organize virtual college tours are now very popular and many students are interested in them.