Today all the students in California have more options than ever for attaining higher education with the growth of online educational institutions there. A lot of both private and public universities in California now offer full degree online programs including such prominent institutions like Cal Poly and Stanford University. Virtual education has become a viable alternative to traditional campus – based learning no longer just for working adults. All the online colleges in California offer a variety of both courses and programs at every postsecondary level for the individuals who are interested in pursuing a degree. Attending college online has at least several advantages for Californian students. Most of them offer flexible scheduling, which means students can attend courses any time that works for them. This allows adults with family obligations or career to complete degrees both at night and on weekends or wherever else they can find time. As well as those with limited mobility online programs degree offer increased access to higher education for individuals who live far from local campuses. Distance education radically reduces travel time both to and from campus which is beneficial especially for commuters as gas prices tend to be high in California.

Online colleges in California

Virtual programs in online colleges in California introduce students to new technologies and other different forms of education. Those pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in business administration for example may gain experience thanks to the use of video conferencing to communicate with both teachers and fellow students. As many businesses now have multiple offices around the world and utilize similar telecommunication tools on a daily basis familiarity with these technologies can be valuable. The University of California at Irvine announced in 2013 the addition of a data science certificate programs that can be completed entirely online. The program is accepting students for the 2014 winter quarter was designed to introduce the students to the field of data science while providing exciting data scientists with an overview of basic techniques and new developments. Certificate programs in data science are currently all in high demand due in part to exceptional growth in both hiring and expansion in the field. This university announced the addition of another certificate program in sustainable solutions and practices. This online certificate program gives preparation to examine sustainability practices in multiple varied work environments. This program furthermore examines the relationship between both the environment and big business with an emphasis on best practices for environmental sustainability and is geared toward sustainability practitioners, change leaders and project managers. The program is also suitable for the owners of a small business and process managers. There are many online colleges in California now. Many of the public began to offer both courses and degree online. For example Cal Poly has now several virtual graduate degree programs. Stanford University offers online Master of Science programs in such concentrations as engineering, computer science and statistics.