Online colleges in Connecticut are working to improve higher education accessibility for all the students who want to work in advanced fields. Prospective students have access not only to programs online and courses at a lot of traditional schools such as the University of Connecticut and Connecticut State University, but to nationwide colleges online, like the University of Phoenix. Many of the students can find that colleges online in the state are a more appealing way to pursue a college education. According to the Lumina Foundation sixty-five percent of all jobs in the state are expected to require a college credential by 2018, while almost 46 percent of working age-adults in the state possessed postsecondary degrees in 2010. College graduates generally earn more and are less susceptible to unemployment, based on 2012 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in addition to possibly having more job opportunities. Among the industries that are projected to see fast growth in Connecticut are software publishing, scientific research and development and computer systems design, according to  the Connecticut Department of Labor. There may not be educated workers in the state to meet future demand for these and other high-skill career fields that generally require a college degree.

Online colleges in Connecticut

Getting a degree from online colleges in Connecticut can help give you the knowledge and skills needed in order to succeed in your career. As there are many careers in the state that would be beneficial for you to consider, they are either growing or high paying occupations. Accessibility and increased flexibility are two of the primary benefits online colleges in the state can offer. Online learning has the potential to reach a far wider range of Connecticut residents seeking a college degree, because it typically lets students study at their own pace and does not require them to attend class on campus. Professionals who look for a promotion or to begin second career can take courses online at time that fits their busy schedules, so that the course work does not interfere with work or family obligations. Likewise, learning online might give individuals who do not live within driving distance of a college campus a chance to pursue their desired degree from home. Courses online, which often incorporate chats and video lectures, online forums, virtual simulations and podcasts, may also be more engaging – possibly enhancing retention of the material. Students online typically gain experience with a variety of technological tools through online learning, which may be attractive to potential employers. A lot of the postsecondary institutions in the state offer now programs and courses online. Luckily, there are resources available to prospective students to help navigate these options, such as the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium simply known as CTDLC. It provides course online and degree information from various accredited 2-and 4-year colleges in the state, as well as a quiz to see if students are good candidates for learning online. All the colleges online in the state offer excellent higher education.