The number of post – secondary educational institutions in Georgia is 162. 44 of these offer online programs. 17 of these accredited online colleges in Georgia are public four – year colleges or universities and five are technical or community public colleges. Twenty – two of them are private universities, colleges or career and vocational schools. At all these schools are offered 826 online certificate programs, 3 321 online associates programs, 2 288 master online programs, 2 832 online professional programs, 544 online doctoral programs and 5 362 online bachelors programs. Students may study subjects ranging from psychology to web design to chemical engineering in these programs. The one with the greatest number of programs online of the colleges online in Georgia is South University. It is a four – year research University. The school offers total 87 online programs in such subjects as advanced nursing and accounting, biology and business, chemistry and computer science, finance and fire science, entrepreneurship and engineering and others. Tuition for online colleges varies based on different factors. They include both the location and type of the institution as well as the program. The average in – state tuition at the public four – year colleges and universities per year was 4 097 $.

Online colleges in Georgia

Each year students in online colleges in Georgia received an estimated 20,954,880,001 $ worth of financial aid to help offer tuition costs. Around 46.92 % of this aid was in the form of scholarships and grants, while some of this aid was in the form of loans that had to be paid back. Both public and technical community colleges charged students an average of 2,009 $ per year. Private accredited online college tuition ranged from 5,016 $ to 38, 600 $ per year. Scholarships and grants from the financial aid were in institutional grants. They were about 36.46 %. The accredited online colleges awarded in 2010 their students 4,161,797,712 $ in institutional both grants and scholarships. Georgia residents generally have an average level of education as compared to residents in other states around the United States. Approximately 18.8 % of the state’s residents over the age of twenty – five have finished high school, 3.7 % have at least an associate’s degree, 1 % hold a graduate level degree and 3.1 have degrees at the bachelor’s level of higher according to the 2010 Census. Online colleges in Georgia also like universities online are accredited by either a national or regional accrediting agency. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools grants regional accreditation which represents Georgia and other southern states. The University of Georgia that is located in Athens is both the largest and oldest of the state’s institutions of higher learning as well as one of the oldest public universities in the United States. It is considered one of the Public Ivies meaning it provides an Ivy League experience but at a public school price. The quality education that this institution offers is also available to students online with a number of online courses and a handful of degree programs as well.