Online learning can be a cost-effective and convenient way for many students in Illinois students to prepare for the state’s new economy. Online schools have increasingly gained respect over the years, although they had a less-than-stellar reputation when they were in their infancy. Thanks to the advancement of both technology and instruction, in our days colleges online available for to students from California to Florida offer several distinct advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar programs. Online courses do not typically require students to attend lectures at a specific time every week. This means students with family obligations or career can pursue degree any time their schedule allows. By attending courses in the comfort of their homes, students additionally may save time and money by avoiding a daily commute. Especially to all those that are located far from local campuses as well as professionals who travel frequently for work, this factor is beneficial. Online colleges in Illinois may introduce students to emerging trends in telecommunication, such as mobile computing and video chat. A student who pursues an MBA online, for example, might be asked to create and present a marketing plan using Web conferencing and multimedia presentation software. This experience can help prepare graduates for today’s workplace.


Online colleges in Illinois

Many private and public colleges throughout Illinois feature now learning online options. For example the University of Illinois has exponentially increased its number of online programs over the years. The school had only one degree online available to students in 1996, but now there are over 100. Today the programs offered by the university include bachelor’s degree in business administration, computer science, mathematics, history and nursing, as well as master’s degrees in computer science, engineering, education, legal studies and management information systems. Northern Illinois University offers online bachelor’s degrees in health and human services, liberal arts and nursing. The school features master’s degrees in industrial management and technology, education and public health for those interested in earning an advanced degree online, as well as a doctoral degree program in physical therapy. The school also offers a number of graduate online degrees. Some of them include master’s degree in communications, public policy and administration, marketing and information systems. All the students interested in pursuing a degree in online colleges in Illinois must first meet certain entry requirements which differ from one institution to the next. Prospective students should consult an admissions counselor for more information about a specific program or school. Many of the nationally-accredited colleges online have advisors available to answer questions online via email or instant messaging. Online colleges and universities in Illinois reported over 715 000 online course enrollments during the 2011-12 academic year, according to the Illinois Virtual Campus. This virtual catalog of online education offered by schools in the state, serves as a valuable resource for all the residents in Illinois that consider learning online. Students can browse courses online and degree programs from a variety of participating postsecondary institutions through the site. Online colleges in Illinois offer the best higher education for all the students.