Distance learning has often been considered a sensible way for individuals to earn their degree without sacrificing family obligations or work. All the working professionals who want to pursue a higher degree can opt for learning online to earn credits at their own pace and at times that are convenient to them. Busy parents may find that the flexibility of online colleges in Iowa allows them to access coursework when the kids are asleep. Those who have mobility issues, learning challenges or live a great distance from a college campus might also turn to learning online to suit their unique needs. Students choosing online learning over a brick-and-mortar school may also find a built-in benefit – the regular use of emerging technologies online. Programs online often utilize various Internet communications platforms such as message boards and video conferencing to allow students to interact with their peers and teachers. Especially to those employers, who use Internet as a vehicle to conduct business on a national or global scale proficiency with these platforms can be attractive. The Iowa Board of Regents has set forth a goal of increasing enrollment in distance education by fifteen percent in 2016. This could be aided by a proposed tuition freeze for in-state undergraduates at Iowa’s three state universities in 2014.

Online colleges in Iowa

Online colleges in Iowa feature unique programs online, including a superintendent endorsement licensure program. In other fields online programs are also offered, including a Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Social work. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and College of Engineering are among the schools that offer degree online and certificate programs at Iowa State University. Programs range from a Master’s in industrial engineering to a master’s in plant breeding. Many national universities online make their home in Iowa as well. These schools offer online degrees and also hybrid educational opportunities oftentimes. Those who need a hands-on component to complete their degree may be able to take some courses at a campus location and the rest online. Ashford University and ITT Technical Institute are just two examples of national online colleges that have physical locations in the state of Iowa. To help prospective students narrow down their e-learning options there are several resources online. Iowa Learns is a distance education catalog that lets viewers search for online courses at many colleges and universities. Iowa Community College Online Consortium is another helpful website for all those who are interested in online colleges in Iowa. It includes information from several of the state’s community colleges. All the students that are interested in online educational institutions in Iowa can start their search by browsing through the colleges listed in many online sources. Details about the application process, entry requirements, individual programs and more can typically be found on each website of the institutions or by speaking directly with an admissions counselor. To learn more you have to request information from the school of your choosing.