Online working offers busy parents, working adults and other non-traditional students many potential advantages over brick-and-mortar programs. All the students living far away from a college campus or are unable to attend school in a classroom setting may benefit from the ability to attend class in online colleges in Louisiana form anywhere with an Internet connection. Distance learning can be helpful for such students who find traditional learning model difficult to adhere to in addition, such as those who have mobility issues or learning challenges. Colleges online typically allow students to make classes at their own pace. All the working professionals whose job requires continuing education might find that courses online satisfy this requirement while allowing them to complete courses in such a way that fits their schedule. Those who want to earn a higher degree while working can pursue one of the many options online for graduate degrees. Students in online colleges in Louisiana often have the added bonus of gaining first-hand experience with emerging learning technologies in addition to the flexible scheduling. Colleges online in this state may use message boards, chat rooms, video conferencing and other platforms to deliver the educational experience. A working knowledge of these technologies can be attractive for potential employers and especially those who rely on telecommunication.

Online colleges in Louisiana

Louisiana is home of fourteen public four-year institutions and twenty-two public two-year colleges many of which offer now online learning options according to the US Chamber of Commerce. The Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus is an excellent resource for all the students who are interested in online education in the state. Visitors can find information on online degrees and courses offered by many online colleges in Louisiana as well as other states in the region through the site. Prospective students can even search for programs online by school, subject area or degree level. Some of the colleges now feature a full range of online degree programs while some Louisiana colleges only offer courses online at this time. University of Louisiana at Lafayette for example offers a Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a master’s in nursing and a doctoral in nursing practice among other options. Many of the institutions offer such graduate degrees that are aimed toward working professionals who want to further their education. Louisiana State University in Shreveport offers a master’s in health administration and a master’s in human services administration while Tulane University’s school of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has several graduate certificates and degrees available. Loyola University’s online options include master’s programs in different fields such as religious education, nursing and criminal justice administration. National online colleges in Louisiana also offer a wide range of programs to students in the state. Some of them – for example Remington College and University of Phoenix even have physical campuses in the state. These locations may provide a convenient way to embark on a hybrid approach of classroom study and Web-based courses for all the students who want to earn such an online degree requiring a hands-on training component.