You should know that a May 2009 US Department of Education study found that, by and large, students who took all or part of their classes online in fact saw better outcomes than those students that take all of their classes through face-to-face instruction if you are concerned about the quality of online colleges in Nevada versus traditional ones. Taking all the classes through face-to-face instruction is often due to students being able to spend more time with material. Motivated students should find that colleges online in Nevada offer such things as course selection, academic quality and excellent flexibility while learning online requires students to be highly disciplined in order to complete their studies. Colleges online in the state offer generally the same degree programs that you can find at on-ground traditional schools. Assocate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees are all available degree programs in the colleges. Associate degree usually takes 2 years to complete and typically provides students with specific career training, like becoming a paralegal. You need four years to complete Bachelor’s degree and 2 years to complete Master’s degree. It gives college graduates a level of expertise in their fields. At least four years of study are necessary to earn a PhD.


Online colleges in Nevada

Online colleges in Nevada can offer the degree program that suits both your interests and goals, regardless of the field you have chosen. Earning a college degree may help you not only to increase your earnings, but can lead you to the career of your choosing, too. Classes online can be completed at your own pace, so you can arrange to study at whatever times are best. Nevada colleges online can also help you to save money by enabling you to pursue your education while maintaining your existing work schedule. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas transitioned to a new education online platform in the early 2013. WebCampus of the university made the transition to Blackboard’s latest product, Learn 9.1. Both hotel management and schools of nursing were first departments to make the transition during the spring 2013 term. All of the online programs of the university made the switch to the new WebCampus during the fall of 2013 term. The university currently offers a wide range of online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, including the Online Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing. Truckee Meadows Community College in the state is reporting that over 25 percent of its students are enrolled in classes online in 2013. That is the highest level of enrollment online in the history of the college. The school views its online education programs as an extension of its distance education programs. The college recently unveiled the WebCollege FastTruck online degree program. It offers motivated students the chance to earn an associate’s degree online in 2 years or even less. Students will typically take only one course at a time, offering new classes every five weeks.