There can be several benefits to choosing education online over a traditional brick-and mortar program for college-bound students in Oregon. Some of the online colleges in Oregon allow students to complete coursework and watch lectures at their own pace. This means parents and working adults may be able to pursue a degree at night or on the weekend without sacrificing professional or family obligations. Those who have difficulty learning in a conventional classroom environment may find in addition program online better suits their needs. Roughly half of the state’s population leaves everywhere, including rural areas near the coastline, deep in the mountains or in the forests covering roughly half of the state’s 97,073 square miles, while many of the traditional colleges in Oregon are concentrated in Portland and other metro areas. Schools online may provide access to educational opportunities that were otherwise unattainable for Oregonians in these isolated regions. With numerous colleges online in the state that offer programs in agriculture, forestry and environmental sciences, it is possible to complete coursework while actually immersed in the geographic settings best suited for studying such subjects.

Online colleges in Oregon

Coursework online may expose students to a greater variety of technological tools than the traditional classes. Many of the online programs, for example, utilize message boards and video conferencing to connect students with both peers and instructors. With these formats hands-on experience could potentially benefit students when they enter the business world where telecommunication is commonplace. Some online colleges in Oregon offer hybrid programs in addition, which combine courses online with traditional face-to-face classes, giving students a more well-rounded learning experience. More schools in the state are adopting learning online options in an effort to improve access to higher education, increase the percentage of Oregonians with college degrees and meet workforce demands. In addition to this, the state is part of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. This commission is a “15-state commission working to boost access to higher education for students in the west and, to ensure their success as importantly”. It pioneers numerous initiatives to improve the delivery of distance-education programs, which could have many benefits for students online in the state. Oregon State University offers more than thirty bachelor’s and graduate programs through its Ecampus in fields that rank from agricultural sciences to education as of February 2013. All of the school’s online programs are developed by the same instructors that handle its on-campus classes. The Center for Online Learning at Portland State University offers an extensive range of programs online in an innovative way. Each of the students online has access to an eLearning help desk, while faculty receives professional, departmental support in designing effective courses online. Many national online colleges offer degree programs to students in Oregon in addition to these schools. These schools typically feature a more robust selection of fully degrees online than traditional state institutions.