There are multiple advantages to an online degree program for those in Tennessee considering higher education. Many of the schools allow students to watch lectures and review course materials whenever it fits their schedule. This means adults can pursue a degree while still working full-time. In addition to this, there is no need to commute to campus for class since students can log on anywhere with an Internet connection. Learning online affords individuals living far from local universities as well as those with limited mobility, increased access to higher education along with saving a potential transportation and on-site living costs. Online colleges in Tennessee provide students the opportunity to work with both teachers and peers across the globe, from a variety of industries. Students are introduced to new technologies and such forms of communication that have become increasingly relevant in the workplace through virtual learning. Tennessee State employs interactive video conferencing to deliver degrees through its eCampus, including a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology and M.S in nursing. Furthermore the university offers hybrid programs that allow students to attend classes both on campus and online. Colleges online in the state provide a wealth of postsecondary options for almost every student and professional goal, whether beginning a degree or completing one.

Online colleges in Tennessee

Many of the schools in Tennessee offer now learning options online, including some of the largest institutions in the state. A growing segment has begun to provide full degrees online, while most only feature courses at that time. For instance, in the University of Memphis students can find a number of undergraduate and graduate programs. They may include Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Master’s degree in History. Tennessee Teach hosts a smaller selection of degrees, most notably a Master of Education, M.S in Nursing and Master of Business Administration. The University system in the state currently offers programs ranging from M.S. in Engineering Management and M. Ed in Elementary Education through its five campuses in Tennessee available at UT Chattanooga, to M.S in Social Work and M.S in Information Sciences – from its flagship school, UT Knoxville. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development compiled a list of careers with the most opportunities statewide through 2018 in August 2011. According to the US Census Bureau, however, less than one third of Tennesseeans 25 and older possess the education necessary to fill these in-demand positions. Colleges online offer students more options and flexibility for attaining the advanced training they need to succeed in today’s job market. Now a growing number of colleges in the state feature virtual courses and degree programs, including such institutions as University of Memphis and Tennessee Tech. Online colleges in Tennessee provide students all the skills and knowledge they need for managing in career and life. Application requirements vary from school to school as with traditional degree programs.