Online education is helping to change the way students learn. What seemed like the stuff of sci-fi merely two decades ago is now a reality, as students in our days can access classes from anywhere with an Internet connection. Learning online can be ideal for those who do not have the time for means to attend a physical campus. Many of the online programs are self-paced and allow students to fit in their studying – and even their exams – whenever it is convenient for them, whether it’s sitting at an airport waiting to catch a flight, in between meetings, or when the baby is sleeping. Thanks to online colleges in Utah students can work towards a degree while maintaining career and family obligations. There can also be some inherit benefits to pursuing a degree online in addition to these advantages. Students may naturally improve their computer skills over their course of study, because online leaning has students communicate and submit assignments on the Web. Online learning takes a lot of self motivation as well as students typically watch lectures and access course material whenever they choose. Computer proficiency and motivation are two traits that could potentially benefit graduates in the workforce, as DWS reports that employers look for both in job candidates.

Online colleges in Utah


                Students can find online learning options at many of the online colleges in Utah. BYU Independent Study offers a variety of classes online, including instructor-guided courses, entirely online courses and paper/online courses. Examples include introduction to Chinese, Advanced Grammar, Financial and Planning and much more. On the other end of the state Southern Utah University in Cedar City has at least one course available in each general education category and offers a number of degrees entirely online, such as a Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance. Many national online colleges also offer full degree programs to students in Utah, in addition to state schools. These schools typically boast a larger variety of online degrees than traditional institutions. Some of them even have campuses in the state, which may feature blended learning options. Entry requirements and application processes vary according to each online school as with any college. Prospective students should contact a school representative to learn more about specific programs and prerequisites. Also an admission counselor can guide you through the application process, should you decide to apply. The University of Utah recently opened the University of Utah UOnline Exam Center in an effort to relieve waiting times at testing centers. The new exam center is located in the library, is open six days a week and boasts 112 workstations. With the course instruction’ permission in addition, online students are able to receive their grade before they leave the testing center. It can accommodate up to 800 test-takers on a daily basis, which is a major improvement as the university expects its online enrollment to increase annually by twenty percent.