There are numerous advantages to an online degree program for all the Virginians that pursue higher education. A growing number of schools in the state have begun offering virtual degree programs including such educational institutions like Virginia Teach and University of Virginia. Online colleges in Virginia can provide a new way for students to get the education that need today, now a viable alternative to traditional college. Furthermore they help prepare them for the careers of tomorrow. The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia estimates that a bachelor’s degree holder earns an average of 1 million dollars over a lifetime than someone with only a high school diploma. An individual who has a doctorate can expect to earn one million dollars more than graduate with bachelor’s degree. According to US Census data from the 2012 American Community Survey, unfortunately only 43 % of Virginians at the age over 25 possess a postsecondary degree. That leaves over half the state’s workforce with at best only a high school diploma. Undoubtedly online colleges in Virginia are an excellent choice for all the students who want to receive quality higher education.

Online colleges in Virginia

Most of the online colleges in Virginia allow the students to follow curriculum at their own pace, accessing both coursework and lectures anytime their schedule permits. This affords the adults who work as well as those with family obligations, the ability to balance an education with their other obligations. Students can log on to online courses form anywhere with an Internet connection unlike campus classes which meet at a fixed location and time. For all the students located far from local campuses as well as those travelling frequently for work this is especially beneficial. In addition to this, programs online typically do not have enrolment caps while traditional college courses tend to fill up quickly. These open to anyone who qualifies virtual classrooms also allow the students to work with both instructors and peers form around the globe and across the professional landscape. Online classmates will be introduced to technologies that are quickly becoming commonplace in business both big and small through coursework. Virginia Teach for example utilizes interactive video conferencing in order to deliver its programs in Master’s degree available in concentrations such as political science, information technology and aerospace engineering. A lot of online colleges in Virginia now feature education online options including some of the biggest educational institutions in the state. While many of them – for example George Mason University, currently only offer individual courses, a growing number have begun to offer full degree programs. The Southern Regional Education Board is a comprised of legislators, governors and educators nonprofit organization. They are all dedicated to helping students in the region find quality education options. Its Electronic Campus is a data base of education online offerings from schools throughout the South launched in 2008. Prospective students can browse both degrees and courses by subject area, program level and institution.