The number of online colleges in Indiana is big. One of the most educational institutions there is Indiana University that started offering education online in 2012. In this way the institution hopes to grow the school’s online education presence both nationally and internationally. The university has spent eight million dollars to pursue the objective and furthermore has added over twenty new online programs in 2013. The School of Public and Environmental Affairs has created the SPEA Connect program for online learners. About fifty students are currently enrolled in this program. It has about twenty five graduate classes and a few undergraduate classes available. It has the same standards as on – campus and the master’s degrees students earn will be the same as their on – campus counterparts. After joining seven other prestigious colleges and universities the University of Norte Dame became one of the online colleges in Indiana. Courses in it can be taken for college credit at the student’s home university no matter which of the consortium schools is offering the course. To the consortium joined also Brandeis University, Boston College, Washington University in St Louis and others. Courses consist of live classroom sessions, online forums and discussion groups and self – paced course materials.

Online colleges in indiana

  Online colleges in Indiana have the potential to give a much wider range of individuals the opportunity to attain a higher education because of their both flexibility and convenience. All the online programs typically allow students to complete coursework at their own pace and give to all these with both family and work obligations a chance to earn a degree while maintaining other commitments. In addition to this all the students who live far away from local schools can benefit from taking courses online rather than making the long trek to campus. These individuals who have trouble in traditional classroom settings such as those with mobility issues and learning challenges might also consider an online degree. For the professionals who seek further training to keep up with the changing requirements of their careers as well as those who want to earn a higher degree for advancement online education is a great alternative. Students who take online courses have the advantage to use the new technologies. They are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s workplace. Online colleges in Indiana utilize voice and video conferencing, chat rooms, message boards and also other communication tools which can serve students well in the professional world. Students might choose a blended route in addition to fully online programs and to spend their time in a traditional classroom for hands – on training and taking lecture – based courses online. In Indiana a lot of public and private schools offer not only online classes but also degrees and credential programs. A great place to begin the search for higher education courses in the state is the Indiana College Network or just ICN. Each member school of it is accredited by such accrediting agencies that are recognized by The US Department of Education.