Busy parents, working professionals and other non-traditional students can take advantage of online colleges in ky to earn academic credentials they might not be able to obtain if the only option was a classroom setting. Degrees online can also be a viable alternative for all those who live far away from a college campus or those who have limited mobility or health issues making the traditional college learning difficult. Online degrees are alternative and for those who have learning challenges. In today’s workforce many positions require continuing education – for example teachers often need to take professional development classes to keep their license current, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By offering web-based options for this type of training online colleges in Kentucky can help. While continuing to work full-time professionals, who decide to seek a higher degree may benefit from the flexible nature of courses online. Students may be able to take some classes at a brick-and-mortar school while working through lectured-based coursework online, in case the degree sought has a hands-on component. Students become familiar with collaboration online tools such as video conference, message boards, chat rooms and other various internet platforms that allow for the quick change of ideas during the course of study online.


Online colleges in ky

Kentucky is making significant strides in Web-based education, earning a “B” for innovation in learning online in United States. Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Leaders & Laggards Report. Through alternatives online boosting higher education could be a boon to the economy of the state. Just over thirty percent of Kentucky residents aged 25-64 hold a two-year degree or higher according to 2010 research by the Lumina Foundation. George Town University’s Center of Education and the Workforce projected in 2010 that fifty-four percent of jobs in the state will likely require a college degree by 2018. Education online may help high school graduates realize their dream of a college education, as well as reach those twenty-one percent of residents who had attended college as of 2010 but yet to earn a degree, as reported by the Lumina Foundation. A variety of public and private postsecondary online colleges in ky provide learning online, including Western Kentucky University, University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. A lot of prominent universities in the state have embraced online learning. Now Eastern Kentucky University features numerous degree programs – from associate to doctorate, in such fields as criminal justice, police studies, education, psychology and fire science. Students in Morehead Kentucky University can choose from over a dozen programs online, including the general business degree, bachelor’s degree in accounting and master’s degree in information systems. University of Louisville offered in 2012 ten graduate programs, as well as five bachelor’s degree programs administered online. Those who are interested to attend in some of the online colleges in ky or any surrounding state should research the programs available within their chosen field of study. A discussion with an online learning counselor could be helpful after narrowing down the options.