Earning a degree or taking online courses in animal science could be for you in case you have a passion for pets, animals or agriculture. A common misconception is that courses in this field are only for those who prepare for a career in veterinary medicine. Earning a degree in animal science, however, can lead to a number of careers in agriculture, zoology and equine fields. There are several universities and colleges that offer courses and degree programs in the field both in a traditional and online format. The most common degree offered is a bachelor’s in animal science. Most of the programs will take anywhere from two to six years to complete depending on the level, program and school. Students who study animal science will participate in such courses as chemistry, animal biology, animal behavior and principals of animal nutrition. Those who participate in animal science programs and hope to have a career in the veterinary care should focus on such courses as biology, anatomy and chemistry. Students hoping to go into agriculture, zoology and equine fields should focus more on general care for the animals they want to work with, as opposed to medical care techniques and theories.

Online courses in animal science

There are some benefits to taking online courses in animal science even if you are not in the field, while animal science is a very specialized field catering to a few specific industries. These courses can benefit any animal lover or pet owner by helping them understand the best way to care for a pet. Texas A&M University, for example, offers a course that is called Companion Animal Science. In it students learn about the nutrition, physiology and health of common household pets. An online course in this field can even be transferred in some cases, if you are currently pursuing your degree at another university or college. Before enrolling in online courses, be sure to check with your school to ensure the credits can be used, though. Check to see that the school you are considering is accredited by using the US Department of Education, because it has a database of accredited institutions. Earning a degree in animal science can help open the doors to a number of career opportunities. Taking courses or earning a degree in this field can be a great way to gain entry into the field by providing a better understanding of the animals you will be caring for in the workplace, while a degree is not necessarily needed to work in as a kennel attendant or animal groomer. The degree can also help you in case you want to pursue a career as a pet trainer or equine. Most jobs require an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, while you may be able to gain access to these fields without a degree. Zoo keeping is another career possibility. Usually zoos require a bachelor’s degree along with some sort of experience handing and caring for animals.