Geometry is an area of mathematics focusing on sizes and shapes of objects, special relationships, object positioning and measurements of volume, area and distances. Many of the professionals use the geometry to successfully perform their work duties. Petroleum engineers, for example, use this field to determine the angle at which to drill, the width of the hole and the volume of the containers that the oil will be extracted into. Astronautical engineers, from other hand, use geometry to determine the best time to launch a space craft and the proper flight trajectory by calculating the positions of orbiting satellites, the orbit and position of the moon and rotation of the earth. Structural engineers and architectures use this science to correct shape and size of buildings and the rooms inside of them, bridges and any other structure designed by them. Online courses in geometry must be taken even by those who work with their hands. Carpenters, for example, use the mathematical branch to figure out the size and dimensions of what they are building. The science is also in art, as computer animators and graphic artists use it to create realistic animation, objects, characters and the relationships between all of them.

Online courses in geometry

Most of the students take online courses in geometry to fulfill their minimum math requirements, even in case they are not pursuing a major involving mathematics. Architecture and engineering as many other majors will require numerous math courses, but nearly every degree program requires at least one or two courses in geometry online. A growing number of institutions are offering courses online in this field and they can be completed without travelling or having to set foot in a physical classroom, which is the right decision for the busy professionals who do not have time to commute to a school. Make sure the course and institution are legitimate, before enrolling in a class or program for online courses in geometry. The website of US Department of Education is the best way to check this, because it offers accreditation database to see if the institution and program you are considering is accredited. It is a good way to immediately weed out lower-quality schools, because a program or institution can only be accredited after being reviewed and evaluated to determine if the standards and education quality are high enough. Such careers as engineering, carpentry and architecture rely heavily on geometry. Extensive knowledge of geometry is essential for all these professionals. They would not be able to perform the majority of their job duties without them. Some professionals, in addition, need to go beyond basic geometry, as their careers may require knowledge of multiple aspects of advanced geometry, such a differential geometry which applies geometry to space and plane curves and three dimensional space, or computational geometry. It studies the geometric algorithms occurring in nature.