A hotel manager oversees the entire operation of a hotel, resort or motel, which includes making sure the guests have a comfortable and clean room to sleep in, good foot to eat and that all other conveniences are provided. Furthermore a hotel manager supervises the staff, makes sure the facility runs smoothly and efficiently, that it meets all of the required state and federal health and safety codes, and that the hotel makes a profit. Hotel managers must know about all of the aspects that are involved in running a hotel. This includes hospitality, managerial training, state and federal regulations and laws, finance, marketing, business administration and much more. All this knowledge can be obtained through taking online courses in hotel management. These courses will touch on several of the things you need to know as a hotel manager, covering sales and marketing, cost analysis and accounting, laws and insurance, sanitation, purchasing and food preparation. Some of the online courses in hotel management will also cover topics specific to running a hotel. A tourism business course, for example, will focus on the tourism industry, emphasizing hospitality and covering such things as the role of management in tourism and organizational structures.

Online courses in hotel management


                An accounting principle course is one of the online courses in hotel management you must take in case you want to be a hotel manager. This course will focus on financial accounting in the hospitality industry, covering financial statements, ledgers, receivables, cash control and liabilities. A course in hospitality law will cover such issues as industry regulatory requirements, negligence, employment law and the rights and responsibilities of the guests. A hospitality marketing course will teach you how to develop a marketing strategy for your faculty, incorporating your target markets, current marketing trends and events, analytical marketing methods specifically for the hospitality industry and the elements of mixed marketing. A hospitality and accommodations management course will teach you how to manage each of the departments in your facility, such as front desk, bell staffs and housekeeping and security. A hospitality sales and advertising course will teach you how to make the name of your hotel, motel or resort known to the public, covering publicity and media advertising, as well as covering sales strategies and communication mediums that are best for each target audience. The knowledge you gain during online courses in hotel management will teach you how to hire competent employees for each department and manage them all, which is an essential factor in the success of your faculty because these are the people that are going to be dealing directly with your guests and affecting their level of satisfaction, determining whether or not the guests will consider giving you their business again in future. You will also learn how to manage all of the finances required to keep your facility running and making a profit. Furthermore you will learn all of the state and federal codes and laws that apply to you, your staff and your facility.