Typically those interested in social work have a strong desire to help improve the lives of others and are passionate about tacking prevalent social injustices. Online courses in social work that students take are found in several different academic departments, while social work is specialized field. Students will take courses, for example, primarily within the areas of sociology and psychology but will also explore topics within economics, business, philosophy, medicine, speech and political science. Students who pursue a degree in the field of social work will learn about specific social issues plaguing our society, such as poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, physical abuse and our violations of human rights that occur. Courses online in social work provide the knowledge and skills needed to assist people struggling with one or more of these social issues. Some of the courses in social work may include anatomy and physiology, psychology, interpersonal communication, introduction to social problems and behavior modification. Some of the courses covered within the social work concentration may also be covered by degree programs that are concerned with education, public health, ethics and counseling. These courses may help you to make a career in different fields.

Online courses in social work

You should ensure that the program or classes you are interested in are accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency before enrolling in online courses in social work. The Council of Social Work Education provides a comprehensive database of accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the field. The database ensures that students find degree programs in social work and classes that will properly prepare them for a satisfying career in social work. Furthermore you can crosscheck the results from the CSWE database with the US Department of Education accreditation database for schools and degree programs. Students earning a degree in social work can enter several different areas of employment. Many of them enter research fields, advocacy programs and policy development organizations while most go on to become social workers for the state or local government. Many social workers also choose to specialize in a specific population or specific work setting. You can take specialized certification courses to work with children or family issues, public or medical health issues, mental health or substance abuse issues or to be placed directly within a school setting. Employment in social work is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations in the USA between 2008 and 2018 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is partly because more and more social workers with a concentration in the field of senior citizen care will be needed as the elderly population continues to grow. The skills gained from online courses in social work can be useful in several different areas outside of social work, while most people completing courses online in social work end up with careers directly related to the field in some way. Students will learn aspects of interpersonal communication that can be beneficial for any position that requires working or around other people, such as human resources and management positions.