Generally online law degree programs take four years to complete. The number of the consecutive weeks that each academic year consists of is between 48 and 52. Online law schools have certain required courses and other electives just as with traditional law programs. The electives vary by school. Most classes meet virtually for class discussions and the Socratcic Method may be even used. Between traditional and online law degree programs there is one big difference – that many distance learning courses have more than just one large exam when the course ends that determines a student’s grade which is common in traditional law courses. You must pass a state bar exam in order to be able to practice law and to become a licensed attorney. All the states but California require bar exam candidates to be graduates of ABA – accredited law schools. If you are otherwise eligible to sit for California Bar exam you may do so with an online law degree. For those who are interested in practicing law in California, the state has specific requirements. The eventual practice in other states is not sure because some of them have reciprocity agreements that allow lawyers licensed in one state to be eligible to practice in another state after a certain number of years of practice.

Online law degree

There are several options you can pursue that may allow you practice law in a state other than California. Practice in federal court is the first from total three options. You may choose to practice only in federal courts. In this case your California bar license would permit you to do that in any state. The second option is appeal. You can try to make a case to the bar examiners in your preferred jurisdiction that you should be able to sit for the bar exam. In this case, however, you’ll need from a very strong argument but it is not impossible. Actually Ross Mitchell in 2009 convinced the Massachusetts Supreme Court to allow him to sit for the state bar exam. Mitchell is a graduate of online Concord Law School. The third and last option is connected of getting another degree. This option is allowed by many states to those who hold a Master of Laws Degree which takes one or two years to complete to sit for the bar exam. Is an online law degree worth the effort, money and time? This question is probably asked by many people but only they can answer for themselves. Be sure to consider if you are willing or able to practice in California for a while and also take a good look at how much your online legal education will cost in comparison with the job opportunities that await you. Also be aware that the current legal job market is saturated with traditional law school graduates. They all have a difficult time securing legal positions so the job outlook for online law graduates is maybe even poorer.